15,000 Employees With 100,000 Entries Per Sheet? No Problem For Oracle

An HR administration in the metropolis of New York, which has around 15,000 staff working for it, has made a change to the Oracle data warehousing tools to organize its information analysis needs. The corporation is largely into providing Medicaid and several supplementary services to the more than 3 million residents of NYC.

This projects that they have a large amount of data to evaluate and regulate, and that is why they have chosen Oracle as their service providers. If you are researching specializations for Oracle such as OBIEE course programs, you might find that demand for technology specialists who are knowledgeable with the experience to work with this application might have increased appreciably.

The company of significance here deals with terabytes of data, that keeps mounting on a daily basis. The most recent data system became fully operational on the 2/14/2012, but it took them six months, until the month of August, to make sure that the testing were carried out methodically. An employee from the company said that even astraightforward spreadsheet may include more than 100,000 entries and the biggest chart in the company’s database has an excess of three and a half billion claims which have been compensated.

The employment of this innovative business intelligence system has streamlined the data warehousing practice appreciably, while reducing the time essential in monitoring large data packets. For instance, the latest system has only the data from which the system initially went in force (February, 2012). However, the system also has to take into account the older data to create some long term data trend calculations and other strategic business options.

The same company was also involved in a survey which showed that in a data warehouse, only 15-20% of the data are literally utilized and the rest is superfluous. With the assimilation of Oracle business intelligence tools, the individuals in charge can separate the significant data from the superfluous data without much struggle.

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