Basic features of indoor golf simulators

Virtual sports are fast gaining popularity and for those with less space and time, virtual gaming is the best form of entertainment. Virtual golf using golf simulators is as popular as real golf. The advantage of virtual golf is that you can bring this outdoor game into the indoors and still have fun. Indoor golf simulators have changed the way golf enthusiasts and amateurs view the game. People who live in countries or areas where an actual golf course cannot be constructed, are learning the nuances of playing golf using indoor golf simulators, with as much enthusiasm as they would have done outdoors.

While the features are important for setting up indoor golf simulators, it is also important to know that indoor golf simulators can also be customized according to the space available at home or in the business premises. A corner of the conference room or a basement can easily be converted into a play area.

Most indoor golf simulators are equipped with some basic features. However, you may ask for customization or modification in the system according to your requirement. For individual owners, the basic features provided in the indoor golf simulators are adequate enough to help them start learning or playing golf. In case you are a businessman who wants to set up the indoor golf simulators in a gaming facility such as a sports bar or a resort, you may be recommended some changes or modifications to the simulators based on your budget and requirement. Read on to find out what indoor golf simulators comprise of.

Club heads and sensors are the most important aspects of the simulators. You wouldn’t want to just stand in front of a large screen doing nothing and earning scores, would you? Infrared tracking sensors are used to monitor your every move and the readings are provided within a 30 second time gap. The screen size can vary according to the space available in your home or hotel premises. The number of screens you want can also enhance the golf playing experience of your clients and colleagues.

The screen provided in the indoor golf simulator package is usually a high-performance commercial grade screen that is provided with mesh impact abilities to survive the hardest of hits or even club heads thrown at it. In case there is any damage to the screen after prolonged use, you can get a replacement at very low prices in the market. The next thing that you would require for your indoor golf simulators are the hitting and putting surfaces. These surfaces are usually made of durable synthetic grass that is often layered to give an almost real effect.
Interactive workstations using computers that come equipped with graphic cards and latest golf software are a must for your simulators. The players will not have as much fun playing golf indoors if they do not have an analysis of their hits. For this, your indoor golf simulators must be equipped with a Swing Analyzer that will tell the user every detail about the spin, launch, angle, the club head speed, the swing path and just about everything else that is needed to be monitored while playing virtual golf.

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