Methods To Make Money Online With Two Tier Affiliate Programs

Affiliate Marketing is becoming a widespread popular way for people to try and make money online. It has become fiercely competitive in many niches and for popular new product releases. Two tier affiliate marketing is nowhere near as well known or practiced. The basic principle of this is very simple; you sign a person up under any affiliate program that offers two tier marketing or commonly called second tier wherein you are given the option to sign up affiliates referred by you and whenever a second tier affiliate makes a sale you get a percentage as well.

What has drawn so many into traditional affiliate marketing is the ability to earn a passive income without needing to have their own product to sell as well as the rest of the order being handled such as shipping, dealing with the customer etc. With the sheer amount of people promoting products as well as the logic behind search engine ranking constantly changing that to be successful as a traditional affiliate now takes up more time than a traditional forty hour week job.

In the past you could work a niche site into the first page of the search engines and for the most part remain there with little effort. Now there are constant Black Hat methods and technology that gives those who use and understand these tactics the ability to cheat the search engines to grab the coveted number one slot.

This can be very frustrating to those who spent hundreds of hours building back-links, writing articles, etc to get their site into the top position. Your passive income is now cut drastically with every bump down in the rankings.

Although it is very satisfying for internet marketers to watch and track their own sale trends on a daily basis always in hopes of a record day. The bottom line that takes priority is making money and doing so with minimal effort.

Rather than to continue fighting to keep a portion of any given market consider taking a step back and research two tier affiliate programs as well as potential affiliates. There are many up and coming affiliate marketers that would jump for an opportunity to learn from an experienced marketer.

Being successful at signing up second tiers follows many of the same principles of standard affiliate marketing. You could sign as many people up as possible and walk away hoping they do well or handpick the individuals and programs, mentor them and be there as a resource. Although that is not completely passive income it is much the same as building your original websites. Putting in quality work up front to consistently pay more on the back end for life.

By being a mentor and coach you can leave the grunt work of competing with the other marketers to your second tier affiliates. Once established with the right team you are again able to make money online passively and stress free.

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