Selecting a Golf Simulator Software

Golf simulators are devices that can be set in home garage or a club for practicing, perfecting and playing golf indoors without going to the actual golf course. A golf simulator consists of the latest desktop workstation, high definition television and compatible high brightness projector, 19″ touch-screen console, high definition golf precision ball tracking system, golf frame including high brilliance screen, golf turf and tee mats, and a stereo sound system along with the associated software.

A golf simulator software consists of – a collection of world famous golf courses, chipping and putting greens, games and competitive events together with ‘long drive’ and “closest-to-pin”, trajectory analysis, club-fitting, clubface and swing-path analysis tools. In addition, there are varieties of accessories and golf simulator options available including video swing analysis, club fitting, tournament, and Internet play with audio and video.

Before selecting the software of a golf simulator you should consider – the number of golf courses offered with the base unit and how many are interpretation of the actual courses, whether the golf courses are computer based images 3D-images or 2D images. Depending on your requirement, select the number of courses you did like to play and practice. With a picture or 2D image based system, you can play your shot only from where the picture has been taken. In case you strike the golf ball into the rough or out of bounds where no photo has been taken you will repeatedly be taken to your pervious shot and a one-stroke penalty, which makes it very slow and annoying round of golf.

There is often new software for golf simulators released and updated from time to time. Every time new software is developed, new features are added to the game play. You get features of variable weather preferences and time of day options. You can play golf with the feel of playing in the natural settings. The new software also provide true to life fairway and greens. There are a few golf simulators where whenever you hit a ball it will go only in straight path. However, in case you want to experience more realistic game look for golf simulator that has such a feature.

Most of the simulators let one golfer to shoot one shot at a time. There also some golf simulators that limit the total players just two or four golfers per round. However, for commercial purpose a golf simulator needs to have up to eight players per round to make tournaments and leagues a lot easier to deal with and fetch profitable returns for your business.

The most vital tool for people who desire to use golf simulator for training purpose is swing analysis software. A good swing analyzer helps do club fitting as well as scrutinize a player’s swing to find out the problem areas. Some golf simulators have swing analysis software incorporated while others recommend it as an add-on. A swing analyzer a very functional tool providing the information and feedback for improving your game for club speed, launch angle, ball speed, club and ball path and spin. Simulator’s sensor technology determines what type of swing analyzer comes with your simulator.

See how golf simulation can benefit your game with the latest cutting edge technology.