Almost Quite Good – Bollard Lighting Review

These were easy to set up and we received them in just a couple of days after ordering. So if you are expecting this to produce the light output of a flood light it isn’t.

But soon after I leave, it turns off. Best way to turn them back is by removing the batteries. Proved helpful while it lasted. The illumination is great – particularly considering this really is battery powered; I’m truly astounded by the amount of light provided. My second problem was if it saw any light, even a little bit it does not switch on, like someone else had talked about I opened the unit and coated about half of the light sensor, the little circle with wavy lines on it, and today it is just right. Powerful light, very useful in dark corners of the home or even garage, much more helpful if you want to deter burglars. It has everything I really like, thirty second light, fantastic sensitivity, ease of three D batteries and bright light. I have two in my backyard and one on my front porch. I place them high enough, although not so high that I cannot change the batteries (which you’ll need three D batteries) with a ladder. It lasted through major thunder and lighting, and 70 mile per hour winds totally hooked on the back part of our fense post. Returning this as the construction is cheap (produced in China), the light is certainly not bright and it feels as though it might break very easily. The motion sensor is responsive. As mentioned before, maybe mine was a dud, but either way, it failed as it was advertised. I simply set up six of these Hadco lighting flood lights inside and outside of the house. You will find the option to adjust the length of time the light will be on (thirty seconds or 2 min) and the brightness of the light (low or high).

It appears sturdy enough and well-made.

Extremely bright light, extremely delicate motion sensor.

The sensitivity is excellent and they seem well-built.

It is extremely delicate.

I’m able to now see my canines when they go on the west side of our home.

An excellent flashlight without a doubt!

Setting is perfect for 30 seconds.

They mount easy and are bright, but consider they’re LED and not incandescent or halogen spots which means you will not get serious distance.

This is a fantastic little bollard lighting. These Allen and Roth lighting units are safer than candles.