Get More Visitors With Free Classified Ads

So you have got a shiny new website, the content is outstanding, pictures good quality and it is time to begin making money. But, for some reason nothing is happening as yet. Few visitors, no traffic, no sales, no profit. You have to get the word on the web and classified ads are a great place to launch.

In the last 10 years advertising has undergone a revolution thanks to the huge growth of the internet. The old established technique of advertising in newspapers is less effective. Many businesses both large and small are now focussing on online advertising to obtain the best return on their investment.

Advertising your site using both free and paid for classified ads online is a very efficient way of boosting traffic. For this reason it’s essential to add in an online element to your marketing strategy. With these benefits it is definitely a good use of your time

You’ll bring in the traffic you want without spending alot of money It costs you nothing as you fine tune the ads to bring the most traffic and sales Most sites will give you statistics for visitors and help you determine the different results If you are looking to build a list you will build it quicker using classified ads

Clearly you have to make sure your ads are doing their job but there are simple things you can do to maximise the success of your ad campaigns

Aim initially to use websites if possible that are in a similar area. You’ll be exposed to potential customers more effectively

Whichever sites you use have a quick read of any guidelines they have regarding ad layouts and wording. This helps you avoid the irritation of seeing your ad removed.

Don’t simply list your ad once and then never again. If you have the time and the site allows it place them every week so they are seen regularly and bring in traffic

People want to know about your goods, your business and that you are genuine so include web address and company details

Pictures are good. They catch the eye and as the old saying goes – a picture is worth a thousand words.

Think like a potential buyer. Nothing is worse than misspellings, poor grammar and broken links. You are partially judged on the quality of your ad

Don’t set and forget the adverts. Keep track of the statistics and alter things if you think it will help.

You must include your keywords in the adverts but ensure it fits in naturally.

With these steps you will boost your sites traffic and your profits. And of course if you choose to use the free classified ad sites it is only costing you time but no money.

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