Whitetail Deer Hunting

In North America, the white-tailed deer is among the most commonly hunted game animals. Initially, widespread and uncontrolled hunting of whitetailed deer allowed their numbers to sink very low.

When hunting was controlled, and conservation efforts were successful, the white-tailed deer population was able to recover, and now an estimated 30 million deer roam the continental U.S. For this reason, controlled hunting is able to continue, and enthusiasts are able to hunt white-tailed deer.

You can find different forms of white-tailed deer hunting. Most favored is by using a hunting rifle, with shots usually taken at long range. Some hunters also use a bow to hunt white-tailed deer, with bow hunters employing recurve or compound bows to shoot white-tailed deer at closer ranges. Unusual among more traditional hunters is a hunt using photography. This last method is not usually acknowledged as “true” hunting among traditional hunters.

Strategies vary from hunter to hunter, but usually employ the use of either a stand, blind, or by stalking the deer. A blind generally covers the hunter, while a stand elevates him up above the line of sight of deer, both typically protecting the hunter from detection by the deer. In both cases, the hunter picks an appropriate spot to set up a blind or stand, and waits or calls for a deer to pass by.

Hunters who prefer stalking white-tailed deer must practice much self-control, specially in how they must stay quiet while moving through the forested areas.

Guides or veteran hunters usually assist teams of hunters in their hunt for white-tailed deer. There are several lodges that offer white-tailed deer hunting trips. These lodges provide maps and equipment, and even a veteran hunter as a guide. Different lodges will have different costs, with costs varying from state to state. Often the caliber of the deer present and affect the price as well. Usually public hunting grounds have more hunters, lowering the likelihood of a successful hunt as deer feel pressured and hide farther and better, so some hunters are willing to pay for a more private hunt.

Hunting a white-tailed deer is usually for sport, but most hunters also bring home the meat of the animal for consumption. Field dressing the harvested deer is common practice, and is considered part of the hunt, though some hunters consider it a chore, in comparison to actually stalking and hunting a deer.

Given the popularity of deer hunting whitetail deer, novice and veteran hunter alike are always on the lookout for new deer hunting tips. To learn more about deer hunting, and hunting whitetail deer, take a look at Deer-HuntingTips.com, an excellent source for new deer hunting tips and strategies.