Rewards Systems As Effective Motivational Factors To Increase Productivity

In Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, the different needs and priorities of people are defined. This diagram illustrates the various types of needs based on our nature. The base of the pyramid are physiological and security needs, which are essential for everyone’s survival.

As we progress up the pyramid, it is defined that people need more than these necessities. At the middle, it states that social needs are fairly important. In order to be normal members of society, we need to satisfy our social needs. Further up the pyramid are esteem and self-actualization needs. Our needs for self-esteem is satisfied with social recognition and personal worth. Once we have satisfied our needs to survive, to be loved and be recognized, we then need to love ourselves through self-actualization.

The pyramid defines how people are motivated and almost at the top of it, is self-recognition. We need reminders of how good we are at what we do. This means social recognition is essential in motivating people to the highest level.

From the day we start going to school, to our first job, competition drives us to do better. Medals and trophies seem to have an amazing effect on how we view our jobs. Incentives push us to do better and above everyone else. Those shimmering medals and trophies that symbolize who the best are have become effective motivational tools in making people more productive and reliable.

We must admit it, we have a special place in our hearts for trophies and medals. These pieces of recognition satisfy more than our physiological needs, they also help in satisfying us emotionally and mentally.Because of this reward system that pushes us to work harder, we develop our skills and become better individuals. This is why employers take advantage medals and trophies as effective rewards systems to increase overall employee performance and quality. Trophies, medals and other motivational factors help in our personal development.

Social recognition is a good motivator for everyone to do better. Rewards are important in motivating your employees. Click here for more info on medals and trophies for your reward system and trophies and medals.