Politics – Why Politicians Disagree Too Much on Too Many Things

When it comes to politics there is a very important reason why too many politicians disagree too much on far too many subjects. Having an opinion is positive, but the financial crisis we have just come through should have taught these politicians a few lessons.

The eruption that occurred this week was when Mars, the planet of anger and need, was in direct conflict with the planet of power, Pluto. When these two planets clash, violent disorder is not a surprise. Because both planets are about control, when they are face to face, police involvement is common. Furthermore, Uranus, the planet of revolution, is newly housed in the erratic Aries, which makes for an unstable link. This planet squared both Mars and Pluto, forging a Cardinal T Square. Cardinal planets, are about power and assertion, so this became a very toxic mix. An awareness in advance to all of this could have seen the police and government better prepared.

Power is primarily received from the positions of individuals in formal hierarchy of organizations. Such legitimate power is applied to control and to rightly use the resources of organizations. Similarly referral power is attained by individuals on the basis of desirable resources or personal traits. Individual’s interpersonal style and personality execute charismatic power. Mangers use power tactics as a reaction to undesirable actions and to influence subordinates and supervisors.

American politics has also featured astrology. For example, President Theodore Roosevelt’s birth chart was laid out on a chess board in the Oval Office. History books also omit the fact that Benjamin Franklin selected the date of Washington’s first inauguration using Elective Astrology.

George Washington, America’s First President, whose metaphysical leanings where in the public domain due to his supposed angelic vision at Valley Forge, which illuminated America’s future. Indeed, the astrological chart of George Washington reveals a susceptibility to unexpected visions and expanded consciousness, as his Sun in Pisces predisposed him to intuitive and mystical orientation. These abilities were then structured by his Moon in Capricorn, eminent in many political leaders by birth or through Progressed planets. His Moon placement turned philosophical ideas into form, along with an earthy Taurus Ascendant, giving practical formulation to universal sciences.

Legitimate political behavior is accepted at some extent where as illegitimate political behavior is not welcomed in any good organization. Individual and organizational factors collectively determine the political behavior. Favorable outcomes can either be rewarded or averted with punishment. Beside that, reactive and protective behaviors can be used to defend blames or any change. Reactive behaviors showing individual impressions can even be managed accordingly.

Then of course, there is Ronald Reagan, the 40th President of the United States, who for many years had a resident astrologer advising him and his wife Nancy, after he survived an assassination attempt in 1981. Reagan’s Sun sign was again in Aquarius, whilst a Taurus Moon and a multitude of Capricorn planets, once again display an uncanny link and interest in astrology.

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