Scented candles to improve your Christmas experience

Using scented candles to alter the mood of your home is a very popular hobby nowadays. Some use soothing scents like Lavender Pillow, Rose Petals or Sweet Pea Arbour to chill and unwind. Others love tangy scents like Lime Cooler, Sherbet Lemon or Christmas Orange to energize their home.

That is superb but I’ve a great tip to pass on to you. Using scented candles at Christmas time is just a lovely way to add an immediate cosy feeling to your home. Wonderful perfumes like Cinnamon Buns, Christmas Cookie and Christmas Fireside add such a lot to the whole experience of Christmas. Warming perfumes just add an extra dimension to the entire experience.

Using specific scents to change mood has been proved. Just ask your doctor or aromatherapist. It works on a subconscious level by association. Beautiful warming fragrances as you could remember them as youngster are so comforting. Inspires memories of grandma baking in the kitchen. Wrapping or receiving presents, crackling log fires, wonderful Christmas tree fragrances. It’s a fabulous source of great memories.

My personal recommendation is bakery, spice, pine or fireside fragrances. They work so well at this special time of the year. I always look for hand-crafted soy candles. I find the scents more natural and they last longer. My favourite brand is Busy Bee Candles. They are a UK company and only make handmade soy candles, wax tarts and so on. They’ve a brilliant range of smells and their candles last ages. Love them!

I usually give scented candles as Christmas presents too. It’s cliched but I simply love them and the people that receive them always say how much they enjoyed using them. Result! Busy Bee also have a selection of gift sets with preselected fragrances. Makes picking Christmas gifts a breeze.

Try their Christmas smells including Merry Christmas, Christmas Fireside, Christmas Cookie, Winter Wonderland, Christmas Fruitcake to name but a few. I’m able to guarantee they’re going to make your home feel more festive this year.

Have a wonderful festive season and if you do take my advice and try burning one or two scented candles, please do tell me about it how you got on. Merry Christmas.

Belinda Wright is an article provider and blogger to many sites. Pay a visit to her fave scented candles at this great candle shop