South American Vs European Football

Football is said to have originated in Europe but appears like the South Americans took it by the scuff of the neck and created something extraordinary with it. Uruguay in South America staged the first world cup; an event they also triumphed in 1930. As the game became more popular, the number of teams increased and they started to play a lot better. Today, the battle of supremacy on the field has not gone beyond the drawn swords of South America and Europe.

The soccer world is being continuously stamped with an enduring and austere mark by the ever advancing South American teams. Even small children in South America are acquainted with soccer and they begin to play the game at a very young age. In this way, their uncompromising practice bring about a dexterity in them long before their counterparts from the rest of the take their first step in game.

There is indeed distinctness in the skills of players from places like Brazil and Argentina. South Americans may have the talent, but Europeans are the ones that perfect the game. What they lacked in inbuilt talents and skills, they made up with courses and training with such programs lined up in most countries in Europe.

Every arena of the game was carefully built up by bringing in the most proficient ones in that department from around the world. That’s how they are able to be amongst the best in the world. Europe invested tons of money into the game and with it created a tall standard in the game.

These began to pay off as they began to do lot better in the world cups. The teams of West Germany, Italy, Netherlands and England became big players in the world cups. Their only competition were the teams of Argentina and Brazil. The fact that a European team is the world champion now speaks a lot about their efforts.

One sure way to build the footballing strata of a nation is to create leagues where talents are harnessed and groomed for the national teams. Both South America and Europe have their share of their leagues but Europe took advantage of the commodity South America lacked to create enviable leagues in the various countries creating popularity through popularity such that talents began to migrate from their continents to the promised land’- Europe. Waning funds of the South American leagues did nothing to stop the out flux.

Trying to outshine South America, Europeans have improved their game drastically. European clubs quite often seek the collaboration of coaches, trainers and team players from these South American countries to boost their game. The only way for an European to move to South America is if he decides to retire.

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