The Benefits of Contact Lenses Over Eyeglasses

It seems like more people are leaving their old glasses for a pair of contact lenses these days. Contacts are more comfortable than ever, and can usually hide the fact that the wearer needs corrective lenses at all. However, it isn’t as if eyeglasses have gone the way of the dinosaur just yet. In fact, you can find glasses made from a growing variety of materials and in many different styles. For many people, switching from their tried and true eyeglasses never was an issue and likely never will be. Glasses still have certain benefits that contact lenses will likely never measure up to.

Although they aren’t going to save your eyes from more severe forms of physical danger, wearing eyeglasses does offer a little bit of protection. Small bits of dust or debris that you may not even notice will deflect off the lenses of your glasses, and these would float right into your eye if you were wearing contacts. The lenses of your eyeglasses also provide some protection against the wind that many people don’t really notice until they make the switch to contact lenses. While it’s not a good idea to use your everyday eyeglasses in place of proper safety glasses, they will offer you some secondary protection.

Fashion is another benefit of wearing glasses. With so many different colors and styles available these days, it’s easier than ever to use your glasses as a fashion accessory. You can pick a pair of eyeglasses for the office, one for everyday wear, and one for going out on the town; or you can find one pair that works for all occasions.

The fact that you can use one pair of glasses for years at a time is another benefit of wearing eyeglasses over contacts. The disposable nature of contacts means you have to get new ones every time they are damaged. If you are particularly clumsy or accident-prone, you may have to purchase extra contacts multiple times over the course of the year, running up your eye care expenses. If you run into any financial difficulty and you are a contact-wearer, you just may find yourself without any means to correct your vision. With glasses, even damaged ones, you can always throw them on so you can see what you’re doing, even when finances are tight.

The way that glasses are worn is even a benefit to some people. Having to go to the trouble of inserting, removing and sanitizing contact lenses on a regular basis is what turns some people off contacts in the first place. When you’re wearing eyeglasses, you may have to clean off the lenses from time to time, but it only takes a second to put them on and you never have to worry about having some little foreign body directly on your eyeball. Some people simply can’t bring themselves to touch their eyes with their fingers. If you have difficulty putting drops in your eyes, putting in contacts may be too much to handle.

There are advantages and drawbacks to both forms of vision correction. Whichever method suits your lifestyle and personality is the one that’s right for you.

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