Reasons Legislation Could Affect Your Selection Of Domain Name

Web marketing and eCommerce are the hottest tactics of gaining more clients without spending so much money. Advertisement being at the core of the business requires thorough research and exploitation of all opportunities. Unknown to many new entrepreneurs there are certain legislations that will affect the domains you choose to carry out web advertisements and open different sites.

There are many laws that will regulate the type of domain registration that you choose for your business. Since there are quite a number of registered names it is important to go for clients to distinguish between different businesses. This is why regulations are set to guide new registrants on which names have been assigned so that they can avoid them.

You can carry out research on the various search engines and you need to use the most popular ones in order to get the best results. This will entail keying in all the various names that you intend to use. In addition to the names you will have to key in all the descriptive words that you can use in searching for your type of business. This will give you results on which business providers are using similar or closely related names and help you make any modifications.

When a web name is under dispute the matter is taken up by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) for jurisdiction. This body is in charge of all registered web names and it uses a regulatory policy called Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy (UDNRDP) to investigate the matters of contention and deliver a verdict. Normally this will be done by panelists who are specialists in trademark names and the fee for such a panel is footed by the complainant or both the complainant and the trademark owner.

Such disputes can lead to damaging effects on your business. The panel can order you to drop the web name and have it transferred to your contender or the case can be decided in your favor and you can retain the name. This procedure is very costly because you might have to pay fees for the panelists. The fee varies.

It is important to therefore carry out thorough research on the trademark name you want before you can have it registered for your business. This type of research can be done by the owner of the business or assigned to third parties who specialize in doing it. If you want to do the research on your own you will use search engines and various websites with databases of registered trademarks and find out about businesses selling similar products as yours and using the names you want. You should have a list ready to cross out the already registered names.

One other common resource for carrying out this type of research is using trademark attorneys to carry out the searches. Trademark attorneys are well versed with the various legislations and during their research will offer you names that are yet to be use anywhere. While other searches conducted may be good, trademark attorneys are bound to produce loophole free searches.

Domain names are very useful in establishing your own trade name and business as well as client base. If poorly chosen these names can be a source of disputes which could damage your reputation. Though time consuming, your research will determine the best name for your business.

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