Five of the Best Cycling Routes in the UK

Cycling is a great way of relaxing, getting exercise, and having fun too, and the UK is a brilliant place to do it. One of the best examples of a cycling friendly location is the Isle of Man. Set off from Ramsey harbour on a sixteen mile trek around the island to take in the wonder of the coast, and come across great pubs along the way too if you fancy a breather. There are very quiet roads to enjoy, provided your not there at the same time as the TT tour. It’s easy to see why place is famous for its racing though.

The scenery of the Peak District can really take your breath away. This whole region is a bit of a hub for people that enjoy extreme sports, including rock climbing and trail running. Somewhere that’s been perfectly maintained for cyclists is the Tissington Trail between Parsley Hey and Parwich. It gives you a route that’s set between Manchester and Sheffield that’s rich in rocky vistas, but doesn’t leave you too tired.

The Clyde and Loch Lomond trail is something that covers a lot of distance, but also makes sure to weave you past some stunning scenery and give you plenty of attractions to break up the day with. As well as Loch Lomond itself, there’s the incredible Dunbarton Castles and miles of immaculate pine forest. It’s a good way of seeing Scotland on a bike while not feeling too remote from civilisation.

Lincolnshire offers some very flat riding for cyclists, but that doesn’t mean it’s not interesting. The Water Rail Way is a great example of a recently developed route, that takes you from the popular tourist town of Lincoln out towards a stunning view of The Wash. Fenland routes are a joy for some speedy cycling, and this trail in particular offers you lots to see, including some nicely placed works of art.

Finally for an off road day of thrills you should really check out the Lake District, specifically the popular route from Ennerdale. This is a nicely balanced route that allows you to really let go and enjoy yourself.

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