Zeek-Rewards Assessment Network Marketing Business

You’ve most likely heard about new penny auction websites like Zeek Rewards and others that allow you to purchase brand new items like sports tickets, and Flat screen televisions as well as other items for pennies on the dollar. These websites incorporate a new way of auctioning that is taking the globe by storm and leaving old auctioning sites like eBay in turmoil. In this review we will discuss what ZeekRewards is and how it works.

ZeekRewards is the advertising arm of Zeekler, a penny auction web site. Penny auctions is when bidders place a non refundable wager on goods and as soon the time stops for that auction the final individual who place a bid wins. Penny Auctions are extremely addictive and are popping up all over the web. If you are in a position to Google penny auction web sites and you will have hundreds to select from. Penny Auctions fame is expanding because of the international economic hardships, addiction to quality goods at bargain prices. The upside of penny auctions is you will come out in the auction with some great stuff but on the flip side you might not win.

It is not as simple as placing a bid and being able to buy the product at that reduced price! It does not work that way. Make sure you know exactly how penny auctions work before you start bidding. Learn the essence of penny auctions and understand what you are getting into before you start bidding on that $5.00 apple ipad. Getting sentimentally attached to an auction is a guaranteed way to cost yourself a lot of bids and money and is a very dear bidding mistake. I have seen brand new bidders spend tons and tons of bids to win an item because they can’t let themselves go from an auction that has stiff and really serious opposition. If you are an emotionally charged bidder and are not able to walk away from an auction when the time is right then it is well likely that you are going to lose funds. Emotional bidders are way more likely to blow their bid bankroll and are much much more likely to spend more on the cost of bids than the value of the item.

Back to Zeek_Rewards, it is owned by Rex Venture Group LLC, a subsidiary of Lighthouse America, US (NV) business. The business was established on June 24, 1997 and adopted the name d/b/a Lighthouse America later that year. Via affiliates can earn each day on every VIP bid they purchase and give away to their customers! Rather than getting Ad agencies they invest that cash to their affiliates for sending customers to Zeekler. The business was initially created in the CEO/President Mr. Paul Burks. The owner Mr. Burks was in Multi level marketing for 14 years.

The business says that if you are able to copy and paste then you are able to earn daily cash rewards, all It takes is a few minutes per day. To start earning instantly all you need to do is choose your affiliate level. The main disadvantage is that you need to become a premium member in order to make cash with the program. You will nonetheless receive VIP points and be entered on the 2-5 forced matrix as a free member, but you need to pay your monthly membership in order to convert them into cash.

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