Orange County Guitar Lessons – Learning Tabs or Sight Reading

Learning guitar tabs versus sight reading is a choice you’ll have to make when learning guitar. These are the two of the most popular ways of learning how to play professionally. The tabs refer to tabulation, because you need to chart the chords to be played.

The chart helps you pick the notes with the tempo. Knowing how to hit the chords is assisted by the characters beside the fret number. Newbies are advised to first get used the chords and tune before coming to these characters for perfection.

Listening to the original song helps to understand the tune. Things become simpler when you get used to them, which may seem difficult in the start. Downloaded tablature are sometimes defected, but the mistakes are easy to spot and correct.

The correction can be made easily by you, once you listen to the song and find the mistake. The process would even require your strings to be adjusted to produce the required note. Another problem you might encounter is that the tablature might not be able to guide you with the correct sequence, but these are easy to adjust.

Sight reading is used mostly for pianos and it can be complicated even for someone who has had many piano classes. It demands the musician to play the music by looking at it for the very first time. This technique is necessary to learn for pros.

The technique needs a lot of skills and practice is the only way to develop them. The challenges of this process can only be met with the help of knowledge of the music theory. It becomes easier to predict the patterns and pick the notes if you have this knowledge.

Like with tablature, once you get familiar with this you won’t even need to see each sheet. You will automatically be playing the patterns after seeing the first note. Everything in the sheets would be interrelated and can easily be picked by looking at the basic structure.

Predicting the next notes and which note is used the most is assisted by the music theory. Initially both techniques may look difficult, but comparing learning guitar tabs versus sight reading, the tablatures have the upper hand. Still some people like to take on challenges and sight reading is for them.

Orange County guitar lessons can assist you in picking the path you most prefer.

Jason Johann is a seasoned music tutor and also has a music school which offers guitar lessons Orange County. Click here to find out more about his guitar classes.