Diablo 3 Witch Doctor Builds

With an extensive expertise in poisons, Witch Doctors have the skill to contaminate their enemies and gain an advantage on the battlefield. They are religious soldiers with a focus in commanding dead creatures and souls to do their bidding.

Witch Doctors usually wage war and launch attacks by conjuring up vermin and zombies. They are able to effectively manipulate the offensive attacks of their enemies using crowd control spells and deflection, all designed to render their enemies to become helpless prey to the attacks by their minions.

Witch Doctors start the majority of their encounters from far away. However, using bare hands they can still kill any enemy in close-range.

Acid Cloud requires you to expends a Mana of 172 and can be only unlocked at Level 22. Using acid to rain down to enemies, this allows you to inflict a weapon destruction of 100%, primarily using venom, which is then followed by 75% weapon destruction for every second for any enemies who remain in the targeted area.

Another power to unlock is called Fetish Army. Even though the weapon destruction is only 20% this power will generate Fetish creatures. They wield daggers and will battle with you for around 20 seconds. A 120-second recharge is required upon using the Fetish Army and can only be accessed when you reach Level 30.

196 Mana is used for the power of Locust Swarm, but it’s worth it for the mighty weapon damage of 360%. A cloud of locusts will descend upon your target enemies and anything in the outlying area. Over 8 seconds they will jump and attack inflicting massive casualties.

At level 9 the Witch Doctor will able to affect as many as 5 enemies at once. This ability is called Soul Harvest. It uses up 59 Mana, but you can feed on any life form within close range – about 16 yards. It requires a cool down of 15 seconds but gains 130 Intelligence for every affected enemy. This effect has a recharge of 15 seconds but lasts for 30.

Sacrifice gives you the ability to set to detonate all zombie dogs that are under the possession of the Witch Doctor. This delivers a weapon destruction of 275% as Physical, affecting all enemies that are within the 12 yards.

The great thing about Witch Doctors is the fact that it is fully capable of taking on adversaries from afar as well as within close proximity.

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