Delaware Electrician Licensing Prerequisites

You will need to meet a number of DE electrician certificate prerequisites to work as a journeyperson electrician here:

1. Possess a Certificate of Completion of Apprenticeship OR possess no less than 4 years of on-the-job experience

3. Undergo and achieve the minimum score in the electrical licensing assessment

3. Sit for and obtain a pass mark in the electrical accreditation test

From 30th of June 2012, any individual carrying out electrical services in Delaware must hold an authorized permit as an electrician. Furthermore, all electrical work has to adhere to the minimum specifications stated in the NEC.

Undergoing The Delaware Electrical Certificate Test

To submit an application for a journeyperson electrical permit, you’re going to need to apply by getting in touch with the Delaware Board of Electrical Examiners. The cost for processing the application is sixty four dollars and should be settled by means of either a money order or a check made payable to the “State of Delaware”. Applications submitted that are missing the considering fee aren’t going to be considered.

To substantiate your time on the job, you’re going to have to supply either a Certificate of Completion of Apprenticeship from a state-sanctioned and authorized apprenticeship training course or a Verification of Employment form displaying a minimum of eight thousand hours of time on the job in the electrical business. With regards to the latter choice, only experience which you acquired under the supervision of a qualified Master Electrician, Limited Electrician, Master Electrician Special or Limited Electrician Special is going to be taken into consideration.

When your application is processed, the DBEE will send you your assessment sign up form. You’ll need to fill in and mail in the registration form to Prometric, the assessment company, accompanied by a ninety dollar test charge. The Delaware electrical license test is open book and is in line with the 2008 NEC, and you will have to attain a mark of at least 75% to pass. For more information concerning the test, such as the number of questions it is made up of and how long is the assessment, you’ll need to call Prometric personally.

In the event that you don’t get the lowest passing score to start with, you can organize another exam by submitting a fresh form and scheduling a fresh examination. Keep in mind though, in the event that you fail 2 successive exams with a mark that is less than 50% in each case, then you’ll have to hold off for one year before you are permitted to undergo a new assessment.

Once you’ve acquired your journeyperson electrician certification, you will have to complete ten hours of DBEE-approved CEU each renewal timeframe with the exception of your very first renewal.

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