Ghost Hunting Tips For Beginners

You’ve watched an episode of ‘Ghost Adventures’ or ‘Supernatural’ and now you’re determined to see a specter for yourself. The question is how to go about it. After all, you can’t believe everything you see on TV. However, following some general ghost hunting tips will help you get started.

Rule number one is that you should be serious about what you’re doing. When you are getting involved in the paranormal, you are making yourself vulnerable to spirits that may want to harm you. Even though most spirits aren’t wicked, the risk of possession or getting injured is very real.

Another important rule is to be prepared. Do some research in your town. There may be many haunted places that you can try. However, some ghosts only appear at certain times of day or on certain days of the year.

Good places to begin hunting for paranormal activity are graveyards, accident scenes and battlefields. Knowing about the location’s history will help you to identify why it is being haunted and by whom. It will also help you to get a sense of how risky your endeavor will be. At the scene of a concentration camp, for example, you are more likely to encounter souls that are just looking for peace, while an old prison or lunatic asylum will probably have some less friendly spirits wandering the hallways.

Anger issues may also come to the fore if you trespass on someone’s property. So, before you enter the location, contact the owner and get his or her permission for your hunt. Be honest about your intentions too. Remember that even public places like cemeteries are off-limits after dark if you haven’t cleared it with the owner or manager. It is also important to respect the space of people who may be working in these places.

Once you have permission to enter the property, scout it out beforehand. Familiarize yourself with the lay-out, entrances and exits. Also take note of anything that might be a potential hazard, like fallen roof-beams or rotten staircases. You don’t want to be trapped in an abandoned building at night with a broken leg.

You will naturally need some equipment for your hunt. With an EMF detector you can find out if there are any disturbances in the electromagnetic field. This may indicate the presence of something paranormal. However, a strongly developed sixth sense can help with this too. If you want people to believe what you saw or heard, you will also need some way of recording it. A camera or video camera and a voice recorder are essential. Make sure that you take extra batteries, though, since paranormal activity can make batteries die very fast. Other must-haves include a flashlight with extra batteries, good shoes, warm and comfortable clothing, a mobile phone and some drinking water.

The most important ghost hunting tips are the ones that concern your physical safety. Never go alone and always make sure that someone who is not accompanying you knows where you’re going. Trust your instincts because if you feel uncomfortable, you probably have good reason to be. Also be sensible about general safety at night so that you won’t be an easy target for real, live criminals. Not all dangers are of the paranormal kind.

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