Is Ashmax Worth It In 2012

AshMax was a free marketing system designed to help you make money online. Massively surrounded in hype and false advertising, today we’ll show you exactly what the system was designed to do and discuss how effective it actually proved to be.

To put it simply, this marketing system was created to help members build an online income via Freeway To Success and Global Domains International at the same time.

In theory, you were able to build both your Freeway To Success and GDI business by simply introducing new members to your Ashmax affiliate link. While this simple setup was appealing to many, it proved troublesome given the upcoming issues which undone the simple nature of the system’s initial setup.

Unfortunately, given the nature of online business in general, it was the victim of a mass of hype and misleading ads claiming that you could indeed get rich for doing nothing. Apparently, all you had to do was find five people to join your new business and you could sit back and retire, the system would go on to earn you $22,300 per month on autopilot. Except it was not quite as simple in reality….

Sure enough, the system was based around you finding five members but that’s not the whole story. If your five members were not serious, your businesses growth would naturally stall. The trick was you had to find five members who were actually serious about becoming their own boss. Why? Because then they would find five members, and so on, and so on.

That is how the entire ‘guaranteed’ system worked.

Many members failed to realize this and as a result failed to make any income. In a bid to push members, the system placed a 20 day rule meaning new members had to take action and find their five chosen downline members within twenty days of joining or they would have their account cancelled. While initially intended as a positive, somewhat motivational rule, this often just placed needless pressure on members and drove them to quit on themselves.

If you’d prefer to see the visual review instead of the written article here, you’re in the right place.

We used this marketing system upon it’s launch and, as Global Domains International members for many years, really got the most from it during the first six months before we decided that the format simply wasn’t friendly enough to regular people without online business or network marketing experience.

Not everyone knew how to go get five referrals in a month, let alone in twenty days…

An expensive chance for anyone looking to make money online, Ashmax ditched it’s original and affordable $25 cost (membership to GDI and Freeway To Success) and now costs over $100 to join as it focuses on businesses which allow higher recruiters to benefit a lot more from getting a referral. Undoubtedly this move was made to sweeten the deal for those who felt they constantly found themselves trying to replace members who kept quitting, but ultimately the system is now out of financial reach for the vast majority of people and has nowhere near the excitement around it that it once held.

After leaving the system we decided to focus purely on the GDI business (one of the programs Ashmax was focused on) and have since gone on to become the number one team in the world in Global Domains International using WS Affiliate Network, the free marketing system specifically designed for use with GDI. When focusing on just one business, and with no time limits or false guarantees, building an income online becomes far easier.

If you are looking at Ashmax as a method of making money online right now, the system does work if you work it. If you are looking at it as a way to build your GDI business however, quite frankly, there is now a superior marketing system available for free.

About the author: Russ Howe is a world leading Global Domains International leader. Watch your free video on our success after Ashmax.