The Greatest Book of our Time

The infamous Fifty Shades of Grey is the fastest-selling adult novel, not only of the last decade, but of all time. British sales are currently at 5.3 million copies, including both physical and ebook numbers. However, the trilogy, which includes Fifty Shades of Grey, Fifty Shades Darker and Fifty Shades Freed, is still a long way of achieving the 450 million record set by JK Rowling’s Harry Potter series, with current numbers off the raunchy sequence at 40 million.

The saucy novel stars English Literature student, Anastasia Steele who falls for the mysterious billionaire, Christian Grey. Ana is very innocent and has a quiet beauty, enhanced by her wit and independent spirit. Grey on the other hand, despite his irresistible looks, vast wealth and loving family, is tormented by a troubled past and consumed by a need to control. As the couple embark on a deeply passionate and erotic relationship, Ana soon discovers Grey’s sexual secrets, which include stylised punishment, and so the drama unfolds! Although the narrative of this novel is nowhere near on the same level as our literary greats, such as Thomas Hardy for example (who is ironically mentioned throughout), the tale will manage to obsess you and possess you from the very beginning.

The explicit sex scenes in this novel significantly contribute to its popularity. The language and vocabulary used to describe these scenes is very matter-of-a-fact, rather than the metaphorical style that we are much more used to. E.L James was very brave in her unadulterated use of language and is now laughing all the way to the bank because of it!

When it comes to openly talking about sex, us Brits are not exactly the most liberal of nations! However, after reading Fifty Shades of Grey, many women are now admitting that they have never felt more comfortable talking about what they like or dislike in the bedroom. It is safe to say that this new novel has really challenged us and our preconceptions of what is ‘normal behaviour’. In a very real sense, James has succeeding in creating a new, socially acceptable form of pornography.

Despite these admissions though, you still can’t help but notice raised eyebrows, smirks and whispers when one reads this in a public place. It’s interesting when you look back at this figures – 5.3 million copies sold in the UK, of which over 1.5 million have been e-books. Is this really down to advances in the modern world or are we still a little conservative perhaps?

Whether it’s the story, the sex, the BSDM theme or the impossibly hot Christian Grey, Fifty Shades has stirred the nation, if not the Western world. So where next? Has the gauntlet been thrown down? Should guys take notice and do they have something to learn from this book? And why is it so popular with women? Carnal Conversations is a new event hosted by sex and relationship mentor, Colin Richards. Colin’s latest show took place at Home House in Portman Square. Guests were treated to wine, canaps and plenty of open conversation about sex and sensuality.

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