How To Use Funny Weed T-Shirts As A Tool For Legalization

If you spend any time with me at all, you will discover that the legalization of the plant we call marijuana is of the utmost importance to me. I feel that if dangerous drugs like alcohol and tobacco are legal in the United States, then marijuana should be just as freely used. It is my right to use, and I work very hard as an activist in my state to make this right a reality. Knowing this about me, there are many of my friends who wonder why I still wear funny weed t-shirts in my daily life.

The funny weed t-shirts have been a big deal in the past for me, and I’m sure they will come up in the future. There have been many times when I have appeared in an official capacity wearing my pot shirts and my jeans. This has infuriated people to the point of speechlessness at times, and that’s just fine by me. It gives me more time to talk, after all.

Well, my rebuttal is fairly simple. Wearing funny weed t-shirts on a daily basis might make me seem like a standard, cloudy-headed pothead on the outside…but it helps far more than it detracts. The most basic way that it helps is that it completely disarms people who want to debate the issue with me.

Comedy, in my humble opinion, is a potent weapon…especially amongst today’s youth. I know for a fact that I will not have the vote of your average 55 year old white male when it comes to marijuana legislation. I can, however, begin to sway the next generation of voters and have the generation after that hard-line cannabis supporters. If my funny weed t-shirts and laid-back appearance helps drop someone’s guard enough to engage me in an open-minded discussion, then I have succeeded by another small increment.

The best part of wearing funny weed t-shirts is that it leaves a lasting mental impression with the people who see them. Many of your average, run-of-the-mill civilians have never encountered something like weed t-shirts that have a positive message about marijuana use on them. When I wear them to mundane places, like the theater and the mall, I get lots of comments and stares. Those people are going to remember me for a while, and that’s a good thing, Whenever I can get someone to actively consider the pros of marijuana, I win a small victory for the cause of legalization.

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