Modern And Contemporary Art

As new ideas continue to evolve, the artist’s world opens up and so do his perceptions. The twentieth century brought with it many revolutionary ideas including a change in how art is viewed by the public. Previously, art adhered to representational standards. The aspect of representation was emphasized as artists were only required to see and record. However, the impressionist movement brought attention to the feelings of the artist. The idea that an artist can express emotions with his paintings was born.

Abstract art is the way by which the artist can translate reality based on his observations and experiences. There is no object be copied or represented. In abstract art, color and form come to be the topic of the painting. An artist can also utilize materials to support the basis of his paintings. Basically, abstract art focuses on creating something out of nothing. It depends on the mood of the artist and it does not follow any type of external limitation. The artist has the flexibility to produce his very own interpretation of truth.

Many contemporary artists have accepted abstraction as they seek to find their own special artistic designs. Abstract art is developed from inside a person. Abstract art is focused on the inner self of the artist rather than on external forces. It is considerable because it incorporates the whole art experience instead of concentrating on the end product.

There are various classifications or divisions of abstract art. While differences can be made in between geometric and fluid abstract art, other types present themselves as well. There is abstract expressionism, which internalizes the artist’s perceptions. Lyrical abstraction, Cubism, Futurism and fauvism are categorized as styles of abstract art. There is also the style of post modern abstraction and color field painting. Some abstract art is influenced by the wide variety of colors and forms displayed in nature.

The thing you need to understand about abstract art is that it is very different from concrete art. Concrete art mirrors reality, whereas abstract art expresses the feelings evoked by reality. Thus, abstract artists have to expend themselves more in terms of the energy they put into showing the emotions depicted in their artwork.

Abstract art lacks realistic representation. It catches the essence of the individual. Abstract art is concentrated on the inner self, as opposed to concrete truth. It is non-representational and undergoes different interpretations due to its varied nature. What may attract one person could be entirely unappealing to another. For an abstract artist, approval of his work by the general public leads to a feeling of terrific satisfaction as he becomes content in the knowledge that he has actually had the ability to touch others with his work.

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