Sampling The Best Fantasy Books Of All Time

Thousands of books have been written over the years by great and award winning writers. Some have passed as normal literature while others have stood out and continue to inspire generations. These are the titles that can be described as the best fantasy books of all time. They are captivating and unforgettable when one considers the choice of characters, scenes and the plot.

A Game of Thrones written by George R Martin tops the chat with sensational action, entertainment and an in-depth representation of history. The dialogue is real and animated and characters fit their roles perfectly. There is a distinct divide between the villain and the hero with no confusing grey area in between.

Jordan Robert follows with his master piece series Eye of the World. The plot is enriched by well selected characters and is captivating from the onset. This is a pioneer writer who will be emulated in future by others within this genre. His craftsmanship ensures that every reader searches through all his releases.

The choice of character by Robin Hobb in the title Assassins Apprentice brings out a unique strength in this writer. The novel has gone beyond the challenges of first person narration to give Fitz, the main character, daily challenges that form the wealth of the plot. His character is animated as he interacts with others. These scenes bring the plot to life in an engaging and realistic manner. It is a perfect template for would-be writers.

Patrick Ruthfoss has gifted the world another title among the best fantasy books of all time. Name of the Wind is a book that you will read and reread immediately. It is an impressive first attempt that makes anyone anxious of the next release. The suspense is heightened with secrets to keep you glued up to the last page.

The conversations in Mistborn by Brandon Sanderson are a crafty experiment with new ideas. This title stirred the genre upon release and has broken the monotony within this series. The author deliberately chooses unique characters to animate and oil the flow. Their roles are endearing and captivating.

Reading too much from the same genre can be tiring and monotonous. You can overcome the similarity of character and scenes in fantasy literature by reading The Runelords, a title by Farland David. The elements in this novel are unique and very captivating. They introduce a feeling of newness and your friends will be grateful for recommending the book to them.

There are other titles that cannot be ignored when one is making a list of the best fantasy books of all time. Lord of Rings series done by Tolkein is among them and so is The Elfstones of Shannara, a compilation by Terry Brooks. Donaldson Stephen has gifted readers with Lord Fouls Bane to join David Eddings with Pawns of Prophesy as one wraps up the list of top ten fantasy novels. Each of these titles has something unique that will make you fall in love with the genre time and again.

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