Sailing Towards Your True North

[I:]Sailing with our family over the holidays brings our WHY into clear focus, solidifying why our decision to explore opportunities that bring time freedom back into our lives was the right one. Why finding the time to bring an experience into the lives of our children was the best one. And why taking our work (if you can call it that) with us wherever we go, from writing a blog post on our tablet from the cockpit of our sailboat, inter-connected to the online cloud, was the perfect choice. As we reflect on our lives at the end of this year, and as we anxiously await all of the exciting and new avenues we will explore into the new year, we look forward to sharing what we have learned as we grow our “sea-legs” in the new frontiers of the online world.

Finding your true Why, your true North, needs a lot of self-examination. Knowing what is important to you, figuring out what you want to achieve in the time you have – and you really don’t understand how much time that really is – signifies beginning to concentrate in on what truly matters to you. Could it be hanging out with your kids when they’re at the age of discovery and wonder? Will it be discovering places that you were usually curious about, both across town or even across the globe? Is it helping the world one person at any given time, or simply understanding the world, one person at a time?

Keep in mind that sailing your life’s Why is a quest – it’s your journey. It is a trip truly worth sharing with others; you will be amazed at how interested others might be regarding your travels! Just do it and share it, write a blog, or reveal your memories with us. We would like to hear about it. Just imagine yourself in a rocking chair on your front porch at 100 looking back at your Life. Imagine yourself having no regrets on the road you’ve taken. Just imagine how you’ll just close your eyes and smile.

Until next time

Scott and Heidi

Scott & Heidi Shimberg are Serial Entrepreneurs who are keenly studying business opportunities in the online/offline marketplace. Share with Scott and Heidi their lessons in “nuggets”. Know Numis, and tell your friends, family and begin to have Hope too.. Check here for free reprint license: Sailing Towards Your True North.