Writing Creatively Might Bring Results You Never Imagined

Creative writing is a way to express yourself, tap into your imagination, or explore things unknown. It is a way to let go of the real world, and leave the stresses of the world behind as you move into a world where you control everything– the characters, the events, the emotions, the end results.

No surprise its quite liberating being able to create your very own world on your terms, and it is no wonder a lot of people are interested in writing creatively, even when it is just a pastime.

For the same reasons that people enjoy reading a good book, they enjoy writing. It is peaceful and de-stressing to move away from reality and into the world of another character – taking on their adventure and following their journey along its imaginary path.

Lots of people feel embarrassed about their writing however, and do not want other people to read it in case it is not good enough. No one else can determine what is good enough and what is not. A good story design and a lot of practice are the basis to all good written stories.

The more frequently you write artistically the more comfortable you become in what you can create. The prospects are endless and you may surprise yourself and others with the imaginary worlds that emerge of you and into the written word.

The most important thing to do when writing from the imagination is to let go and write without editing. Once you begin criticising and judging your work you begin to stifle creativity and reduce your chances of producing quality work.

Buy a notebook with a lock on it, or password-protect your pages on your computer. This typically helps people to relax and stop worrying about people reading their work before it has been modified.

In this manner you are able to relax into your imagination and express yourself without inhibition. The very best ideas originate from this mindset. It is only once you have done this, that you should go back and sculpt your work into a polished piece of writing.

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