Self Defense Walking Cane

The following Dynamic Instructional Training Program focuses on the martial techniques of the Walking Cane for Self-Defense! Personal protection and Self- Safety is no joke and the steps we need to just take to truly feel safe in a public environment need to get simple, practical, and direct! You do not demand several months of Karate, Kung Fu, or JuJitsu, nor do you need to invest hundreds of dollars trying to seek out an instructor willing to teach you techniques that will actually work whenever you necessity them!

The techniques offered in this “Ground Breaking DVD” get correct towards the point; “Personal Protection!” The goal of this program is to teach you to teach yourself by learning the concepts of “Simplicity!” You know everything you demand, you know how you learn so logically you may need a guide to take you to the next level with a simple, practical, and direct program! It’s easier than it sounds; don’t be misguided by the complexity of trying to adapt an established martial art style to your own physical wants and capabilities.

Approaching the methodology of “Simplicity in Movement” over the Modern Walking Stick/Cane Safety System you may learn every step in progressive “Structured Modules.” Most importantly, “Confidently, 1 Step At a Time!” Few instructors have the depth of encounter in relaying information via the medium of Video Instruction, Kelly S. Worden does! Kelly’s programs are internationally acknowledged for offering several of the most effective practical information available within the entire martial arts training and self-defense industry!

Kelly Is a “Teacher’s teacher” which merely means; “his communication skills assist all level of individuals to increase their skills almost immediately with no any fancy or complicated wasted effort!” As a matter of fact, in the over “Twenty Years” of teaching video instruction programs Kelly has offered a “Learn or Return Guarantee” since day 1! Few authors or instructors will lay their reputation on the line like Kelly does. If you do not feel the program has improved your “Confidence, Awareness, Deal with Assessment, Physical Skill, and Defensive Capabilities;” Just return the program for a full refund with no concerns asked!

Listed here are just a few of the benefits and technical information you might obtain in this “Modern Walking Stick/Cane Defense System!” Immediate new levels of Confidence, Skill, and Awareness! Physical Attribute Development of Walking Stick or Cane Handling! An Extremely Functional, Direct, and Empowering 10 Point Defensive Targeting System! A Clear and Concise Understanding of Positional Control to Efficiently Dominate an Aggressor! Attack Deflections and Defensive Counter Moves! Empty Hand Defensive Striking to Essential Disabling Targets! Practical and Functional Weapon Disarms – Balance Disruptions – Throws and More!

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