High Ticket Coaching Product Creation – What You Need To Succeed

Coaching is a demanding profession and is limited to some degree by the number of hours in a day and the amount of time you can coach. I think it is important to add multiple streams of income and to mix up the activities in your business day because of the emotional toll from a long day of one on one coaching. You can add relief and variety to your work day and dramatically increase your earning power by creating coaching products.

Benefits Coaches who develop educational products are well aware of the schedule of added benefits behind the package. Following are some examples,Increased Credibility. Delivering high quality, branded products to your niche is one of the most powerful means to build your credibility. There is virtually no other way to accelerate your perception as an expert in your niche.Improve your networks, Authorities in your niche are usually very willing to assist and participate in the development of products that assist their industry. Networking with these authorities will give you an immediate, highly leveraged entry into your niche. It will open many doors to Joint Ventures; list sharing! ; public forums; group meetings; etc.

If it has been more than two months and you’re still not successful in getting some of your prospects to sign up, I suggest that you offer them with free sessions via Skype. Perhaps, they want more solid proof that you’re the best coach to address their needs and demands. If your coaching program is all about making money online, you can offer free sessions as to how your prospects can create their very own website. Give all the information they need for free. Your goal here is to convince them that you have enough knowledge to share to help them realize their goals in as little time as possible.

Products are your escape from being time reliant.By commercialising products you rely less on time as your commodity.Move from one-to-one to one-to-many. Most coaches sell one-to-one coaching as their core service. This restricts your time, and also limits your commercial reach. Commercialising products allows you to leverage your intellectual property by 10, 100, 1000 times. You can be selling hundreds of eBooks; eCourse; tele-clinic seats; pe! r week. Now that’s how to leverage your knowledge and time!

When thinking about starting your coaching business, it’s important that you do not offer coaching programs right away. You need to sell something that is cheap enough that people wouldn’t mind trying out.

Start with ebooks. You would want to test the waters first. You would want to see if your potential clients will really spend their hard earned money on your products. As these people will usually not take huge risk on their initial purchases, offer them with something small but truly valuable. I suggest that you start with ebooks that will cost no more than $100. The number of sale that you’re going to make will make give you an idea if you’re ready to take your product creation endeavor to the new level.

Value-add. Products are an excellent way to value-add your services. For instance, you may use a 6-week ticket to your specialist tele-clinic as an incentive to upsell prospects from a 3-month contract to a 6-month contract.Referral, Your products can be an excellent tool to incentivise referrals. You may go to the prospects in your funnel and say to them “We know you enjoy the information we provide you, and we’re sure you know other that would benefit from it. If you put us in touch with these people, as a thank-you we’ll give you this! XYZ product.” JV Incentives. Products are an excellent way to provide incentives for joint ventures. For instance, just say you approach a gym or a health spa, and undertake some cooperative marketing. They write to their members and inform them that for a limited time they can go to your website and download a free special report ! “How To Overcome The 7 Biggest Barriers To You Achieving Your Fitness Goals, by specialist life coach ABC.” To download the report they have to give you their name and email address.

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