CERT Products Let You Respond To Emergencies

Community Emergency Response Teams (CERTs) are in charge of educating people about disaster preparedness for hazards that occur all of a sudden. They educate people about how to survive when disaster strikes. Basic skills like light search and rescue, fire safety, disaster medical operations and team organization are taught to the people. The instructions are formally given in classroom training schedules. Having acquired the necessary skills, the CERT members become efficient enough to offer a helping hand during any crisis or disaster, irrespective of its place or magnitude. Their important service helps when professional rescue takes time to reach.

The LAFD, Los Angles City Fire Department, developed and began implementing the concept back in 1985. The need for it really became apparent in 1987 when a huge earthquake struck L. A. County, California, in the Whittier Narrows. Because of this, the LAFD created a disaster preparedness bench, intending to train private citizens as well as government and private company employees. Community Emergency Response Teams play an important service in preparing people on how to deal with any disaster. It makes them see how they can efficiently help their friends and loved ones even when no emergency supplies are available.

In the case of emergencies, professional training in this area as well as emergency CERT products can really help. These products include such things as an emergency response kit along with a CERT field manual, both of which can go a along way in helping save lives when there is no professional medical or emergency assistance available. To reach more people, there are also some non-technical product for sale as well, such as a baseball hat or bull horn, which work with the core products in getting the word out.

The Community Emergency Response Teams need a great number of emergency products such as 3 day/72 hour emergency kits. Emergency supplies can include first aid cabinets, first aid kits, trauma kits and supplies and medical emergency kits and supplies. These products are not available only to members of local response teams. They can also be purchased by individuals for their personal safety as well as for helping people nearby should a crisis occur.

You can buy the CERT supplies and first aid kits by either visiting a store or from online retailers. Getting the CERT colors and logo’s on your teams gear is important and helps the public know you are on a CERT team. The logo as well as the colors can be found on products like survival backpacks, bull horns, embroidered patches, field manuals, form books, polo shirts, action response units, hard hats, emergency ponchos, EVAC roll stretchers, etc. So, make haste and buy the emergency products that you may need in crisis situations.

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