The Vority DUO34AC dual USB wall charger is very light that it only weighs 92 grams. This charger has foldable prongs which can be kept discreetly when not in use, thus making it compact and very lightweight.

Charging speed, compatibility and portability are some of the basic features of this charger that people are looking for. Definitely, the portability quality of the device is one of its best features. With the busy schedule that we have today, you would choose to bring with you wherever you go all the important things that will help you complete the tasks. But, how many USB chargers have you encountered with features that will meet these requirements? Chargers are not that heavy and they are most of the time easy to carry, but then again it can cause inconvenience to you, if you need to bring along all the chargers for your different gadgets.

It can likewise be used when travelling by air and land. When travelling by land, this charger can only work within 3000 meters.

This dual USB wall charger provides the solution. The Vority DUO34AC wall charger is designed with convenience on the manufacturers mind. It is considered as one of the most reliable USB charger at present. The Vority charger is very unique and has the following qualities:

The new dual USB wall charger from Vority can provide this. It is one charger with two ports providing power to even the most demanding devices such as the latest iPad air devices.

Its dual port is marked appropriately – one with 2.4 A and one that is good for 1.0 amps.

They are spaced in such a way to make sure that the cords will not be pulled out accidentally.

Input – 100v – 240 V AC with 50/60 Hz / 350mA

It only implies that most electronic devices such as tablets, power banks, smart phones, cameras, headsets and others and also devices made by Motorola, Blackberry, Apple, and Samsung can be charged up using this charger.

Port 1 – is for tablets up to 2.4 amps. It is [labeled|marked] as 2.4 Amp

To solve this concern, Vority created the DUO34AC dual charger to supply the power needed by the mentioned devices.

Port 2 has the ability to provide power to 1.0 amps of electricity, ideal for Music players, Bluetooth headsets and cameras. The ports are placed strategically to make sure that when one cord is pulled, the other will remain in its position.

To use the wall charger, you need its original power cord which is included in the package where the plug will be connected to the Vority DUO34AC power adapter.

It is made of fireproof materials.

Vority DUO34AC – Fast and Smart

It has a LED light that tells you if the connection is functioning and charging process is ongoing.

And because this great dual wall charger is tagged as universal, it only means that it can accommodate most of the devices available in the market.

This ensures that the batteries are protected from over charging and bloating. This charger also has an LED indicator.

Also, it has a two year warranty from Amazon in case of factory defects. It is not surprising why this product is selling like hotcakes.

You might not want to admit it, but the present generation is dependent on technology. Forgetting your phone at home for one day, it will make you feel that a part of you is missing. This is how important your gadgets are these days. Making sure that your devices have enough power it requires is your priority. This dual USB wall charger can provide all the power that your devices require.

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