2014’s Hottest Off-Page SEO Trends

SEO is a fast paced and changing pursuit, keeping ahead of the curve can be challenging, but is terribly important. We’ve done our research and have compiled some of the emerging Off-Page SEO Trends for 2014.

Conversion Rate Optimization – Don’t overlook this! An important aspect of selling products and services online is providing your visitors with unique and compelling content, and also directing them to an effective sales funnel.

Social Media will still be a strong influencer of SEO performance, yet it’s important to know that both Twitter and Facebook are being more stringent about what data is released to third party engines. There are also rumors that Facebook may soon be entering the Search Engine arena – stay on top those developments.

One strategy that is proving successful is to have a “super blog” that is well written and have it become a fount of information, that really is a point of reference that people want to refer to as a good source, and have the blog point to your website. The blog should be attracting lots of organic comments and posts, so as to validate the blog to Google that the incoming traffic is real.

Content Management – This is a vital aspect these day, due to recent changes in search engine algorithms, which reward quality content. Not so long ago, poor content without any relevance could still drive traffic, even if it was full of nothing but keywords and back-links. Today, things are not so easy. Providing your visitors with unique and relevant content is key in building good in-bound links.

Longer blogs and articles will reap more rewards – expect to write blog posts that are least 700 words long. Content should always be both detailed and relevant. Tag management will become very important. As these factors increase, SEO marketers will need to diversify and invest more time and effort towards multi-channel tagging.

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