Improve Your Game With Some Back Weighting Golf Clubs

Golfers know that putters have a specific purpose and one will definitely need to have one of them in the bag. Once the ball has been hit and lands on the green they are then used to hit the ball into the hole. There are quite a few different ones namely the short, bent, heel toe as well as belly and mallet. However if one is a beginner a professional golfer will be able to let one know which will be the best to use. Buying those that have already got the back weighting golf clubs inserted will help tremendously with the game.

They can be used by inserting weights inside the shaft before the grip is added. Another is by adding lead foil tape under the grip piece. Many golf shops will be able to give some advice when it comes to which would be best for ones driver.

A club has three parts to it; the head, shaft and the grip. They can either be bought separately or in a set. All sets consist of three woods, one hybrid, seven irons and a putter. The amount of clubs one is allowed to carry in the bag is fourteen so some players like to add another wedge or specialty hybrid.

When starting out with a new sport it can leave one a little confused as to what kinds of equipment would be the best to use. One will need to obtain drivers, woods, irons, wedges as well as putters to start off with. A driver or also sometimes referred to as a one wood, has a longer shaft and a rounder head. They are made so that the ball will travel longer distances then with any other type.

A driver also known as the one wood has the lowest loft of all the clubs. This is the angle of the club face and will control the arc of the ball as well as the distance when hit. The more experienced one is the lower the loft driver will need to be.

All woods are used for the long shots normally from the tee to the green. They are used when one is about one hundred and seventy five yards or more from the hole. The driver has an angle to the club face which controls the trajectory as well as distance. This one has a loft of about seven to twelve degrees.

All irons are used when one is closer than two hundred yards from the green. The closer one is the higher the number that needs to be used. Many people especially higher handicapped golfers as well as ladies, seniors and beginners find it easier to use the numbers seven or nine wood instead of the three and four iron.

Combined with the back weighting of golf clubs and the correct loft angle this will make the ball go great distances. A much higher arc will be achieved improving ones game. It has been noted that some players are able to pick up an extra four miles an hour on the balls speed.

The finest back weighting golf clubs can be found on the Web. To view our gallery right now, check out this source