Pako Needle Organizer Saves Valuable Time

Pako Needle Organizer Saves Valuable Time

When working on a complex needlepoint, embroidery or cross-stitch project, one of the biggest tasks is threading and re-threading needles with different colored threads. A Pako needle organizer simplifies this task and can save a great deal of time. It helps to keep needles and threads safe and easily accessible with no tangling or slipping.

A complex project may require numerous color changes. Organizers like this are designed to make all these color changes much simpler. The product has a central panel which stands at a 45 degree angle making it easy to see. Needles are inserted into small blue squares of foam on this panel and each needle corresponds with the appropriate color symbol.

Each kit usually includes instructions as well as blank cards. This enables the user to write down appropriate color codes for their current project. Card refill packs are available for purchase but they can also be photographed, cut-to-size or filled in with pencil and erased. The little sponges used for the needles may suffer wear but they are easily replaced and replacement ones are available for purchase online. A zippered nylon bag is another accessory that can be bought. The organizer fits neatly inside it and this is suitable for use when traveling.

As many as 50 needles can be stored and they are threaded prior to starting a project. More needles may have to be purchased to take full advantage of this accessory but this is often worthwhile in the long run in terms of time and effort saved. Threading them all ahead of time means that one can easily select the appropriate color and begin stitching immediately. Some people doing a very complex project with more than 50 colors often find it helpful to use to of these organizers.

Organizers can store up to 50 needles at the same time. Buying all these needles is a small price to pay in terms of time spent threading and re-threading. This is a must-have tool for projects with large quantities of threads and numerous color changes. The needles can be pre-threaded and stored so it is simply a matter of picking up the appropriate one and stitching. Many people use more than one organizer for a really complex project requiring more than 50 color changes.

These products are available from many online sources. It is important to find a reputable supplier and to check out their policies with regard to shipping, returns and refunds. Check whether they offer any guarantee on the product. Reading customer reviews is often helpful too in finding out more about the product.

These products are not that expensive, especially when one considers the greater efficiency they offer. Prices can be compared easily when shopping for them online and prices will often vary from supplier to supplier. One can also come across sales and find discounts or special offers.

These organizers can make embroidery, cross-stitch and needlepoint a pleasure rather than a frustration. Needles are kept safe and easily accessible when inserted into the little foam pads. They can be easily threaded with all the necessary colors that need to be used on a particular piece. Imagine the convenience of having all the colors needed neatly arranged prior to even starting work.

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