Twelve Archetypes Jung Introduced To The World

Famous Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung believed that there are three basic parts of the human psyche. He called these three parts the ego and the personal and the collective unconscious. There are twelve basic archetypes Jung introduced, and some are really different types of Ego, Soul and Self. All combinations are possible and different combinations form character.

Jung\’s idea was that all human history and all the science and religion was designed according to these archetypes, because they really determine the way someone experience the world and different life situations consciously, although these archetypes are unconscious. So, all that exists is shaped depending on these basic models, and hey are always recognizable by their characteristics.

There are four different Ego types, often known by several names. For example, the Innocent is also known as romantic, dreamer or naive. This type wants to be free and happy, and it is generally full of optimism. Another type, the Orphan, is sometimes called the good old boy and the solid citizen. Orphan is always trying to connect with other people, he is realistic and emphatic.

The Hero is also the Ego type. They call him crusader, rescuer, soldier or winner. He is very strong, wants to help others, by saving or liberating them. Can be arrogant, but is also courageous and fearless. The Caregiver lives his life trying to help other people. He can be called parent, saint, supporter and helper. He loves and takes care of people around him, and this is a reason for his existence.

Soul types include the Explorer, Rebel, Lover and Creator. The Explorer is a true wanderer, and he lives to experience new, unknown and exciting things. He is always in a search for something new. Individualistic and capable. The Rebel is always ready to start a revolution. He doesn\’t believe in rules and enjoys breaking them. Wild and out of control, he likes shocking other people and can easily cross to a dark side.

The Lover only wants to be loved and to please others. He desires intimacy and doesn\’t want to be left alone. I his desire to please others may lose his own identity. Sometimes known as sensualist ad enthusiast. The Creator is one imaginative dreamer. He has a vision and a strong desire to realize it. He is perfectionist, often called visionary, artist or creator. Dedicated to creating something.

There are four basic Self types. The Jester has a simple motto, you only live once. That\’s why he lives in a moment, enjoying every single minute of his life. Sometimes they call him Joker or comedian. The Sage desires to find the truth, through exploring and analyzing the world. This one is a thinker, planner and philosopher, usually really intelligent.

The Magician or the Healer, the shaman or the Medicine Man, has his own opinion and his own vision of life. He lives by his own rules. Interested in all mysteries of the Universe. The Ruler controls, leads and gives orders. He doesn\’t know how to delegate, but is a born leader. Often called administrator or aristocrat.

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