Why It Is Important To Understand The Constitutional Republic VS Democracy Debate

The importance of knowing the difference between the republican form of government the United States established in 1787 and the democracies that are in many other countries is crucial. It is important to understand what the US Constitution says about what can and can not be done in the name of the rule of law. The debate of constitutional republic vs democracy should always be entered into with knowledge.

A republican form of government starts with a constitution. In this are the guarantees of the peoples rights by listing those things that the government can not do. In the US Constitutions case, there are also additional rights reserved to the people. All of these should be protected by the separation of powers, establishing legislative, executive and judicial branches that are in contention with each other.

A democracy votes on the people who will be their leaders, without a constitution to guide them. There will be no separation of the powers that they can, and do, take for themselves without appeal. The resulting regulations, laws and taxes, enacted with no connection to what came before or plans for the future, are usually not in keeping with basic human rights.

In a republic, the people elect members of the various houses of congress and the presidency. The people also express their desires as far as certain issues come to be debated by these politicians. It is expected that the peoples will is taken into consideration, and should be, before the issues under consideration are passed into law.

A democracy is often compared to 20 lions and 15 zebras voting on what to have for lunch. In a full democracy, the elected members of the government have the authority over everything that comes before it. The vote comes in and the majority wins. There are no minority rights at all as a full democracy has often been called, simply, mob rule.

It is also very important that this US Constitution, that prescribed certain rights and powers, had to be approved by the states before it could be the law of the land. There is also the ability of the people, through their representatives, both federal and state, to amend this document. Since the people do not vote for everything that comes up in debates in the nations capital, they must have the ability to guide their representatives in principle.

The Constitution makes it plain what is to be done, even for issues that are not specifically mentioned in it. The guide that this gives the legislators is a bulwark against tyranny. The democracy, on the other hand, has no such guidelines. The elected members of the mastermind class, involved in a democracy, have no need to remember history. They have no need to connect causes and effect in their attempt to make everyone the same as everyone else.

A very bad thing about the United States, in 2014, is that it is beginning to not look like the republican form of government that was set out in 1787. The founders formed a federal, not a national government and it is becoming more and more national and even less democratic. This is making it harder and harder for the representatives to truly represent the voters desires.

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