Increased Efficiency With A Pako Floss Organizer

Increased Efficiency With A Pako Floss Organizer

Embroidery and other handwork projects where many color changes are required can be very difficult. It helps to have an accessory like a Pako Floss Organizer to keep floss from getting tangled. Many people involved in doing intricate stitching projects testify as to how these organizers help them to be more efficient.

These organizers are sturdily constructed and have 50 short hooks, 25 on each side. The fibers hang down over each side. Each of the hooks line up a symbol key window. This little square or window is used for noting the symbols on a pattern. Below the hooks are foam pads that hold fibers snugly in place without damaging or crimping them in any way.

These organizers are ideal for projects that do not include loaded thread cards or those where threads are already sorted. A complex project requiring multiple color changes can end up being more frustrating than pleasurable if colors become tangled up amongst one another and are difficult to find. This accessory helps to remove this frustration, adding considerably to efficiency and making the process more enjoyable.

Labeling is the first task and this can take time. The color coding used on the pattern has to be transferred onto a code card. Ten blank code cards are included in the purchase. The effort taken to do this is well worth it as it tends to actually save time due to increased organization and lack of muddle. It is a great help to be able to find a particular color easily when needed.

Once the windows have their color codes, the appropriate colored fibers are then looped onto the hooks. The way they fit securely between the foam pads keeps them neat and makes removing a thread easy, avoiding any knots and twisting. Using a needle tip to remove a single thread can be helpful.

This accessory is durable enough to be used for many different projects. Besides being durable, it is also light in weight. This makes it easy to simply pop it into a bag and take along when going out or traveling. People who like doing larger, more complex projects often have two of these accessories so as to handle more than 50 colors at a time.

Most people involved in doing embroidery or cross-stitch are careful to work with very clean hands. Washing hands before working is important so that any oils and sweat that might be on the hands are not transferred. The little foam pads are probably the most vulnerable part of this accessory and they can get dirty if not enough care is taken.

It is possible to buy organizers like this from many online stores. When doing so, finding out the policies of the supplier with regard to returns, refunds or guarantees is essential. Reading all the product information and comparing prices before buying a product is also advisable. These products are relatively inexpensive but cost is far outweighed by the benefits offered. Discounts and special offers are often available online too. Reading customer reviews about such products reveal just how valuable they can be to those who enjoy doing more complex projects.

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