Do you collect sales tax at conventions?


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Do you collect sales tax at conventions?

I can’t remember ever paying sales tax on something I’ve bought at a convention.

I am “launching” my business at a convention in a different state than I live because this event will be a one-time major exposure boost and I’m trying to make sure that I don’t muck it up.

Does anyone have any experience/advice selling physical goods at an event that would help me figure this out?

Do you collect sales tax at conventions?

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3 Replies to “Do you collect sales tax at conventions?”

  1. The easiest way if you find out you do need to collect it, is to take it out after. No one wants to carry around change, so if you sell an item for $20, take the tax out of that instead of charging $21.56 or whatever. The customer is actually paying like $18 + tax. If this hurts your bottom line, increase the prices to mitigate. I usually charge tax on card purchases and not cash for this reason. Then I take all the cash sales and multiply by the tax rate and take it out later.

  2. What are you selling? The answer will depend based on the price you charge, etc.

    But for most things it’s best to roll it in.

    When I sold at craft shows I just kept all the prices at even dollar amounts and paid sales tax out of the profit. So it was essentially rolled into the price, which worked fine for me because I usually sell online and by selling in person I saved the cost of packing and shipping the order.

    So try to make your prices easy to pay with cash, roll sales tax into the price and avoid handling change as much as possible. It makes the experience much quicker and easier on both parties.

  3. Most likely yes California asks directly on the filing it’s the 2nd question. Most states require it now and most convention organizers are getting better at telling vendors about it.

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