6 Replies to “How do I change one of these light bulbs”

  1. Gotta replace the fixture. Sold LED fixtures for several years. That entire unit is designed to be replaced in whole.

  2. Those my friend are LEDs not a light bulb, not quite sure how to change but you may have to replace the dome structure as I don’t think you can replace individual diodes. I may be wrong though

  3. They should last 20+ years so you could probably warranty it with manufacture. Otherwise just replace it. If you unscrew it like others are saying you are going to have an ugly exposed junction box.

  4. And this is why I don’t install LED fixtures. A few years ago we put all LED fixtures in a unit, not ones that took a “bulb” but with the LEDs integrated. Then after 6 months, one failed. We claimed on the warranty but they didn’t make that fixture anymore and offered us “something equivalent or a refund”. Great, so we could replace ONE fixture with something that doesn’t match, or buy all new fixtures, replace them all so they match, and possibly have the same problem again a year later. No thanks.

    If the LED portion isn’t replaceable, I won’t touch it.

  5. You can’t. But they are also stupid cheap enough to buy, so if a unit goes south, while annoying is not a deal breaker. Run back to the orange box store and buy another pallet

  6. Slightly unscrew the left most and right most screws as seen in this picture. Then, rotate the whole module to put the screw heads in the circular part of the slot. The module will then drop out. Then, take it to a store to get a new one, and ask them to reinstall them because you are obviously inept.

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