One Reply to “I made a snow globe for a friend’s birthday”

  1. I made a celestial themed snow globe for a friends birthday. There’s an LED lighting up the moon internally. The wood is 2x6x6 black walnut with a danish oil finish and the globe is actually a 6 inch diameter glass light fixture off Amazon which happened to work well. I used a 4 inch circle saw on a drill press to outline the hole and a router to clear out waste and do detailing. The gap cut into the inside of the circle accommodates a piece of tubing which holds the globe in place. There’s a massive #14 rubber stopper and liberal amounts of flex seal waterproofing the globe. The moon is made of epoxy that I cast into a disk and sanded into shape. The tube it sits on is a stainless steel tube I pillaged from a pen believe it or not. A portion of the back of the globe is painted black for contrast (I did many coats of paint and clear coat, and it is still very sensitive to scratches.)

    I didn’t get a particularly completely album of the process but I’m currently working on another I’ll document better. If anyone wants a materials list let me know. This was my first real craft/woodworking project so I’m not too well versed but if anyone wants to try something similar I’d love to chat and bounce ideas!

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