29 Replies to “Get it flush”

  1. Looks like it works great for bare wood, but as soon as you put some stain or clear finish on, seems like you would suddenly see the mark where the glue is soaked down into the wood.

  2. Just an FYI. It’s much easier to not do this and just putty the screw after insertion. Sand the putty when dry and call it a day.

  3. Every time this gets reposted I feel obliged to say that the person in the video uses about 10x the glue needed. Cleaning up that extra glue would be more work than anything else here. Also there’s better ways to hide screws.

  4. I would totally do this, but my projects already take 10X longer then they should… great idea tho

  5. Me trying to pull a cupboard apart wondering where the screws are holding it together.

  6. This was cool until I saw a Philips screw. Philips screws are a cancer unto this world.

  7. That’s super great and all, but my family bought some furniture on consignment, and the previous owner did this to a screw that periodically would get loose, so now our chairs don’t work super well.

  8. I tried that, but now I have a huge gouge on the tabletop and worse, it slipped and severed my penis…

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