28 Replies to “how to unscrew an old nut?”

  1. I think the usual method of getting a long-handled wrench, jumping up and down on it, going and finding a metal pipe, sticking the pipe on the wrench handle, jumping up and down on the pipe, bending the pipe and wrench handle, and then finally getting it to turn, is much superior. With that, you really have a sense of accomplishment after your half-hour of effort. What’s this, 20 seconds? Where’s the accomplishment in that?

  2. It’s driving me crazy. Why is the lever arm not to the left of the nut driver? You’d think that if you turn it left, the lever arm would flip left. Can’t wrap my head around it.

    Also, I’d be waiting for the stud to snap off so I could snap the other side off and then spend the afternoon drilling it out, which is really underrated entertainment. I mean, why have cable TV?


  3. Maybe you should tray with a long lever.

    “Give me a lever long enough and a fulcrum on which to place it, and I shall move the world.”



  4. I take it you wouldn’t get a full rotation on the handle of the pipe was still there?

    Would be good to get a ratchet system on the handle to get round that issue

  5. Try some PB Blaster spray it on then hammer the nut a few times, spray some more then wait a few mins and give it a good try

  6. Now that’s gear reduction. That thing could be a t-case in a samurai rock crawler. Nice!

  7. You guys should see a Hytorc. Their motto is (or at least used to be) “we bust your nuts”

  8. As long as the bolt is in an ideal place to put the bracing rod this seems good. Oftentimes, this will not be the case.

  9. …How to? How is this how to?

    Ah yes, let me just pull out my specialized hand cranked bolt remover with inch thick steel brace attachment, thanks it’s fixed.

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