I just cancelled my Amazon Account and want to support smaller businesses


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I just cancelled my Amazon Account and want to support smaller businesses

I just cancelled my Amazon Prime account and no longer seek to support them for ethics reasons. However, this does come at the cost of convenience.

Instead I want to shop and support smaller businesses and be able to purchase from their online store fronts. Does anyone have any recommendations for popular or up and coming small businesses who can use support?

I just cancelled my Amazon Account and want to support smaller businesses

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41 Replies to “I just cancelled my Amazon Account and want to support smaller businesses”

  1. I look up the product on amazon and then see what business has it and find their online store and buy it directly through them

  2. As a small business owner, thanks. Amazon almost put me out of business. Luckily, California made them start collecting sales tax and I could finally compete with their prices somewhat. Supporting small businesses doesn’t have to come at the cost of convenience. I have loyal customers that come to me with lists of things they would like me to keep in stock. I have certain items that I really only keep for one customer. Most are item that I can sell to everyone. Lots of small local businesses are doing local delivery. You can get almost the same service as Amazon except that you have to set up more separate accounts.

  3. It’s funny. People say they want to support small businesses and buy local but they rarely want to pay for it.

    I make furniture as a hobby and sell it because we don’t have anywhere to put it.

    I drastically undercharge and people still balk at the price…

    The last coffee table I made cost me about $75 in materials and was solid maple. I sold it for $175, which is what I asked. It took me a little over 4 hours to build. So I made less than $20/hr. That’s a steal considering the product you’re getting. Countless people expressed interest but made low offers. Someone offered me $50.

    Someone asked me to make a squirrel picnic table. $20 and they had no problem with that. I decided to make 3 and sell the other 2 for $20 as well. I’ve had so many people ask if I’d take $15 or even $10…fuck that.

    It’s made from $6 worth of cedar and they took about an hour to build. So I’m asking to make $14/hr on this.

    I don’t need the money and could just as easily burn everything I make in my backyard. However, I’d hate to do that to something I made. I refuse to devalue my work anymore than I already have.

    Everyone says “buy local” but no one wants to pay for it.

  4. This would be great if it became a movement.
    One company selling 90% of everything is no good. Just wait until they take sides in politics and the other side is stuck without options to buy anything.

  5. I still use eBay. People forget that it has new items and that you don’t have to bid if you don’t want to. All the sellers are small businesses or individuals. Plus it’s typically cheaper than Amazon

  6. All I can say is Thank you. As a small business owner who’s grappling to survive, we need more ppl like you.

  7. There’s a cool fine cheese and meat shop near my place in Belmont, CA. The Greedy Ant Gourmet

  8. As a small business owner who derives most of their income from the Amazon sales channel, you’re not helping in the way that you think you are.

    Amazon is a marketplace with hundreds of thousands of small scale sellers.

  9. I am all for supporting small businesses and this is specially true when made in the USA. This includes buying more expensive vegetables if US grown. I will definitely support a local establishment if they have what I need, but to cancel an Amazon account would be cutting myself off from other USA made industries that need our support. I do not see the connection. Online shopping is not going to disappear we need to find creative/innovative ways to find an in between.

    I wonder how many people cancel Amazon but then do weekly/daily visits to the dollar store where 80% of the goods are non USA made – just because it is cheaper.

    Hopefully we are willing to spend slightly more for trully made/grown in the USA regardless of where they are located. Yes, the ideal is to always start locally.

    Amazon has little to do with this. On the other hand our addiction to cheap/subsidized items does hurt our ability to exist.

  10. small shops sell on amazon. FBA and FBM are designed to give all people, from store owners to wholesalers to independant workers.

    Hell, im getting pummeled this week due to people ordering jigsaw puzzles from me last month. Opening them, putting them together then returning them. it would be nice for the users to know that many of the items bought on amazon are from individual sellers sending inventory to amazon.

  11. I should probably clarify my reasoning. I am aware small businesses also sell through Amazon. It is not my intention to hurt these businesses.
    My ethical complaints largely lies on the way Amazon treats their warehouse employees. And as a citizen of Seattle, I am also watching first hand as the company takes over the city and drive the cost of living to ridiculous heights.

    I am not completely innocent in this myself. I also work for a major corporation (you may have gotten your morning joe from me today) and I am aware of both the good and the bad that big business can do.

    But I want to make a dent to help where I can. I can’t leave my job yet because one of the good things this company has done for me is provide me with a stable wage, health benefits, 401k, retirement funding, schooling, and a healthy work environment. All of this I have received being an employee on the lowest rung of the ladder.

    And if I’m being knit-picky, I also can’t afford to spend ~$100 a year on it. I’m also in the process of canceling more of my unnecessary subscription services and balancing my budget.

  12. You’re aware small businesses sell on Amazon? But ure right in that it’s hard to identify who they are and not some seedy conglomerate (which r also many on amazon).

  13. You do realize that a large percentage of things you buy on Amazon are from small businesses? Some of them are even Mom and Pop shops that use Amazon as a sales channel? If you want to make a change, you can still buy on Amazon, just buy from small sellers and not Amazon.

  14. Small guys can be on amazon as well. I’m one of those small business owners with one product solely on amazon.

  15. I created [boteqa.com](https://boteqa.com) to do that. It allows small shops to create an audience and sell on Telegram. It’s similar to what Zuckerberg is going to do with Whatsapp. Also, check out the demo video at [https://t.me/BoteqaNews/3](https://t.me/BoteqaNews/3) – Feedback is very welcome.

  16. I’ve started doing the same by switching to buying locally, or with regional businesses. Sometimes you still have to shop at big brand stores but I don’t find a problem with that. I’ve returned to buying most of my electronics at Best Buy. You may want to ook for a list of small businesses in your area. There’s a Small Business Saturday that always happens after Black Friday with deal from local shops.

    For streaming services, you’ll have to do some research into the big names to see how they’re responding to current world issues regarding ethics.

    Kudos and best of luck.

  17. I started trying not buying from amazon and walmart after I saw how they treated their employees that wanted more protection from covid. Also trying to not buy from China as much as I can, but it’s hard.

  18. I own a online business at soundverter dot com. It is a TV Sound Enhancer. I have it listed on Amazon also and thy take a ridiculous amount out of my sales and charge customer with additional charges such as a Shipping fee. You would think that one has enough money as it is and would give the Small business a chance to profit instead of charging a ridiculous amount of seller fees. Go figure but, they have you by the gonads if you want other avenues to get the message out about your product.

  19. I would say the best thing you can do is tell your friends and family to do the same. A movement is really needed. It sounds cliche, but small business really is the backbone of the U.S. Economy.

  20. I went almost as far as you did. Ever since the start of Covid I swore off Amazon for everything except for what I couldn’t readily get local. Didn’t delete my account though.

  21. I never understood the Amazon thing. Crappy stuff from China that usually isn’t even the correct item when it arrives.

    Ebay is always cheaper and you’re supporting an individual in the USA.

  22. As a small upcoming business, do you happen to like candles, wax melts, or anything similar? As of right now, I really on make candles and melts, but I do have a huge desire to learn how to make other items that would fall somewhere in or around that same category.

    I have made a really nice set of massage oil melts and candles, and the customer that bought it sent me a really good review for them. Message me if you would like more information about it all. Thank you have a good night

  23. I cancelled mine 2 weeks ago because, Items marked prime arrives more than 2 days, and they get away with this. I have gotten fake items, they are not on top of keeping fake items out. They have become to big to care about the customer. I lived very secluded and see how many random drivers show up, never the same driver. I do not regret cancelling one bit. I order items now with shipping and they actually cost the same as the one marked prime. I try to shop elsewhere and would rather support a small business. I use stores in my local area, grocery store here deliver for free or small fee for people further, I just tip the driver (usually a high school kid). Other or chain store but buyonline and pickup has worked for me.

  24. While I agree with the sentiment, I struggle to understand the value. Amazon is huge, which means many negative stories get widely distributed to an audience eager to go after any behemoth. What makes you think that a random small mom/pop business treats their employees any better? How can you be certain these small businesses have similar values to your own? If a large number of high-value customers lean on Amazon to improve in a certain way, then Amazon would likely do so. A smaller business venture is unlikely to ever make the news for failing to give employees required breaks or for having unsafe conditions (unless/until things go tragically wrong).

    I don’t question your ethics at all. I question how you’ll vet these small businesses to ensure that they do conform to your ethical expectations. On top of all that, you’ll have to consider the financial implications of your decision: is your business in a financial position to accept a 5, 10, or 20% increase in material costs for ethical reasons? For myself, I’d probably be inclined to try and offset my ethical concerns regarding Amazon with corporate donations to non-profit organizations that can affect positive changes more directly.

  25. 100% behind this!

    Not been able to go completely cold turkey but have drastically reduced my usage.

    The difficulty is that amazon offers peace of mind that you will get what you ordered or you will be refunded.

    Whenever I buy from another site I always feel the need to research them to ensure they are legit.

    Still, it’s great to support small businesses independently of amazon!

  26. Interesting. I’ve recently stopped going to Walmart and Target for many things. I use amazon now because vendors can still post things there at a competitive price right? Or is this foolish thinking.

    Target and Walmart jack up prices on certain things and screw over the person selling the actual

  27. I am a bit surprised that people on r/smallbusiness are so anti-Amazon. Yes, they are big and successful and ruthless, and they are also American, and anti-union, and buy from lots of small businesses, and generate a lot of wealth. So that is many reasons for Redditors in general to hate them. But some of those things are things that r/smallbusiness might be less upset about.

    When I can buy something from a local merchant, I generally will, and I will pay a premium to do it. But I also love Amazon, and will continue to buy lots of things from them.

    We can all boycott Amazon, and buy local. But if that actually worked, and Amazon failed, the end result would be that in ten years we would all be buying from Tao Bao and Alibaba, and the local merchants would still be suffering. To me, North Americans at least are better off for Amazon to beat Alibaba, etc.

  28. Only thing is is there are A LOT of small businesses on amazon. Most of the products on there are small businesses. If you’re talking about small manufacturers and local creators than I can understand that. Shopping at other local big box stores is worse. Selling On amazon can be done by one person sure they source their stuff form China(sometimes)but if it’s something that goes in or on your body(US market)it pretty much exclusively comes form the US sold by small sellers with only 3-10 employees tops.

  29. 99% of amazon products are from small business and for most the only source of income right now as retail distribution has halted in most categories.

  30. I did the same last year. I am not anti-Amazon, I am not anti-billionaire, but I would like to support other online retailers so the monopoly is not so far in Amazons favor.

    The extra 2 minutes of search time to find another retailer that carries what I’m looking for and has free shipping is worth it to me.

  31. I understand your point but am also glad to see that you recognize that there are a lot of small businesses that rely on Amazon for traffic. We are a small scale candy company where we make everything by hand and have our own website while also selling on Etsy, Ebay and Amazon. Amazon brings us nearly half of our online sales! We also wholesale to small shops across the country but need Amazon to help meet sales goals each month.

  32. Actually, most of Amazon is made up of mostly small businesses selling goods on the platform….

  33. You realize that there are many small businesses that have their stores set up on the Amazon platform. I can make sales on Amazon easier than I can on my own store.

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