Promote your business, week of June 1, 2020


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Promote your business, week of June 1, 2020

Post business promotion messages here including special offers especially if you cater to small business.

**Note:** To prevent your messages from being flagged by the autofilter, don’t use shortened URLs.

Promote your business, week of June 1, 2020

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17 Replies to “Promote your business, week of June 1, 2020”

  1. Y’all may have saw my other post asking for feedback! I make whipped soaps, whipped shea butters, shea sugar scrubs, foaming hand soap, and soaps that look and smell like bakery treats! I’ve gotten some awesome feedback and I’m going to do some major improvements soon. The name of my online shop is Thank you all so much for the support!! ❤️❤️

  2. I run a pub trivia business that had to shut down when all of the bars and restaurants did. I’d spent the past few years developing this cool “automated Bingo” device to install in bars and restaurants. It runs live bingo as if a human host is running it, but without the cost of hiring a person to run the show. I’d been running it for about a year at a few of my venues and was poised to do my big national launch the week the bars were shut down…

    These automated Bingo shows cost me very little to run, and I know bar and restaurant owners need an inexpensive way to bring in customers right now. So, to help venues pick up the pieces after the shutdown, I’m offering 3 months of free Bingo services, with no commitment to continue if they don’t like it. Even after the free period, it remains the least expensive form of live entertainment that I’m aware of.

    You can learn more about the business and the Bingo robots at

  3. Hey everyone I produce covid signage and other soft signage with my wife and one other employee. Please check out our website to order or get a quote. Thank you!

  4. **Automation and Data Services – Saving You Money and Time**

    Hello small business owners. I hope you are doing well during this challenging time. My name is Dylan at []( and I specialize in helping small businesses leverage data and automation to thrive.

    Business owners are excellent learners, capable of wearing many hats, but few have the time to learn how to code and master online platforms such as Zapier. If you have repetitive tasks, their likely prime candidates for automation. Most business owners I work with are shocked to discover what processes can be partially or entirely automated.

    Automation pays for itself freeing up both capital and time, eliminating human error, all with 100% uptime. Share your burdensome business tasks with me today and learn how we can reduce or eliminate them tomorrow.

  5. **Startup Groundwork – A curated directory of resources for entrepreneurs**

    [Startup Groundwork]( is a resource for small businesses and entrepreneurs to find the software to run their business using a better format than “Best software for X” type posts that mainly fill up the search engines these days.

    I’m doing a soft launch and looking for feedback on the format and the categories. If you have any ways to better portray the information, please let me know.
    Entrepreneurs might be interested in our “[Startup on a Shoestring](” post, which lists free tiers from well-known companies in all the categories we have covered so far (accounting, websites, etc.).

    Any feedback on the site is appreciated. I hope to have more categories done this week, and I hope you find the information useful.

  6. **Customer Check-in System for Social Distancing**

    [Lobbly]( helps businesses reduce the number of people sitting in waiting areas or standing in lines.

    The businesses which are using this system are closing their doors, but posting a phone number which we provide. Customers can text or call the number to check themselves in via our automated chatbot without ever leaving their cars.

    Employees of the business use a web browser to see a real-time updating list of who is checked-in and their relevant information. Lobbly tracks the names, phone numbers, and wait times. When employees are ready, they can press a button to have a customer contacted and brought inside individually.

    **Website:** [](

  7. **JOHNERY – Affordable and Professional Graphic Design Services for Small Businesses**

    **Portfolio**: [****](

    **Email**: [****](

    >**COVID-19 Assistance**
    Discounted prices for all services. I’m also giving away one free logo design every week to my [Twitter]( and [Instagram]( followers.

    Hi, I’m John, a freelance graphic designer with more than 5 years experience working with small businesses. I’m passionate in what I do and currently looking to take up new projects. Be sure to check out my website for some of my previous work (link above).

    I’m happy to work with your budget, while delivering quality work for your business. If you’re interested, feel free to send me a message so we can discuss in more detail.

    I look forward to hearing from you!

  8. **Time to Turbo Boost your Backlinks !**

    Are your backlinks not getting indexed ? Can’t get that Link Juice ? Google is ignoring your website ? [Link Centaur]( can help ! Our automated service is specialized in Backlinks Indexation since 2013. Simple, effective and affordable. Thousands of businesses of all sizes count on us to take care of their backlinks. Join today ! We offer a free 20 links/day plan to help you get started.

  9. [Orchid Toys]( is the best curated toy shop with the highest quality adult toys and the largest selection. We offer discreet, free shipping. We donate a portion of every sale to five charities that help aid the & community, female reproductive health, fight domestic assault, and fight female genital mutilation in Africa. Use code “reddit5” to get 5% off your purchase

  10. [Decade3]( – we supply on-demand software development services for businesses wishing to reap the economic benefits of offshoring, managed by a company in the UK. We’re able to provide solutions across the entire IT spectrum, but especially in cloud migration, betting and gaming service integration, and financial services.

    We’re on social under:



    We’ve only just started up so we’re very happy to discuss projects, partnerships, or just feedback in general. Much appreciated!

  11. Byte By Byte Technology is your one stop shop for tech solutions!

    – Domain names
    – Hosting/Email
    – Web development
    – App development
    – Graphic design

    You can find use here /r/ByteByByteTechnology

    Our site:

  12. I just started a **Business Consulting Practice**

    I am a Certified Public Accountant who has worked in accounting and finance for 9 years. I am also finishing my Master of Business Administration and have plenty of experiences working with other businesses.

    I am offering a complimentary 45-minute consultation to see if your business has any needs or wants I can meet. Send me a message so we can connect!

  13. **Do you want to make an app?** [Technical Interviewers]( finds the right coder for your needs. Our screening process uses IT professionals as interviewers so that you get only the best.

    Contact us at **** to learn more.

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