ROI on free service giveaways


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ROI on free service giveaways

I run a small detailing business, and things have been slow this week. I’m looking to build my customer base and get in front of clients in my spare time.

The thought was give away free no obligation window treatments in the hopes it will build my customer base. An auxiliary benefit would be that it would get customers looking at my packages and potentially booking paid service items. The cost is minimal at $2 per treatment, and the time is negligible as long as I’m doing it when I have free time.

My question is this to those that have done free giveaways; would it be better to offer free treatment with purchase? Or offer free treatment in the hopes of reaching more people?

ROI on free service giveaways

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3 Replies to “ROI on free service giveaways”

  1. I could be way off. But I have a very different service-based business in a field in which I am the only individual doing this (there are two universities in the US that do this) and I’ve learned everything the past 10 years the hard way. One of the things I learned early on is to never give away free anything without it being attached to a paid service. Even now, I volunteer with a group that desperately wants my knowledge, always wants my recommendations, and not a single one of those people, my target audience, has ever ever followed through. Again, this is my experience. I know nothing about detailing and what your time is worth to you. I do know that the people who will take advantage of free anything are not the people who will pay you for anything later. This is my experience–they have always wanted more for free or wanted me to discount my services. I would suggest adding the ‘free’ window treatment or whatnot to a package you already offer. You want to offer something that costs you very little in terms of cash or time, but looks like a big thing.

  2. I’d suggest a free treatment but they need to book an appointment using a scheduling app or something so that you collect their phone # or email and can contact them in the future about future promotions or deals, gift cards around holidays, etc. A mailing list is often the most powerful tool a business can have.

  3. a straight up free window treatment may lead some vehicle owners to think you’re an amateur who will be experimenting on their vehicle.

    I’d probably be more likely to “buy” a $20 window treatment than a $0

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