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Some free marketing advice for small business owners


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Some free marketing advice for small business owners

Hello everyone! My name is Zack and I’ve been working in marketing exclusively since 2017. I started selling Yoga products on the side as a hobby, and soon learned what now seems obvious: it’s not what you sell, it’s how you sell it. And I figured I didn’t like Yoga as much as I thought I did, but maybe I could start helping people, who did like yoga, sell their products better. And that’s where it all began for me.

I’ve compiled a few free tips, and I have more details about me at the very end.


* First off. *Influencers* will not magically make your website successful. You have to be your own influencer. And as a small business, you need to approach branding differently to big businesses. You’re not trying to make yourself a household name, you’re trying to appeal to your audience alone.

A good example of this concept is shoes! I took on a shoe marketing consultation last year and we implemented what I call a “proud” campaign where we stuck names of local areas, sports teams and icons onto the shoes along with thematic colours and designs: no surprise, we suddenly made a lot more sales.

> PM for statistics and data from Shoe Client.


I have worked with several musicians. You’ll find the vast majority of them start out with audio only, bland website and mundane music. You gotta provide entertainment appropriate to who you’re trying to entertain. That’s why, in social media marketing, I like to really go down and dirty with my work and explore the consumer perspective. A great example is eSports, I’ve worked with an eSports league where I actually got myself and my friends into the game, networked, and gave myself the level of understanding I needed to do my job.

My proudest connection having been linking some musicians with popular internet celebrity Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins during the height of his fortnite career, organising the marketing behind several viral Fortnite music parodies with now millions of views.

**Culture and Trends**

Make use of trends in your business. If something is so mainstream and big, why ignore it? In the past I have made use of the political trends in the American election with a hat company that worked with me on merchandise for both republican and Democrat voters in several states local to their supply chains.

Here’s the impressions from a tweet I made on the *first day* of creating a company a twitter platform and using trend riding and collaboration to grow it 4K Impressions on one tweet in 15 minutes – we hit 80k impressions in the first day. Usually, you pay so much money for numbers like these and often they don’t actually get you anywhere. You shouldn’t focus so much on the numbers game with social media. Followers and viewers are strategically manoeuvred by companies and you can not place all your eggs basket.


* It’s better to get one click from an appropriate Facebook group dedicated to your niche than it is to get several clicks from a Facebook group dedicated to something incompatible. That’s a rough proverb for why you shouldn’t just buy facebook or instagram, youtube ads without putting in a similiar level of funding towards targetting and direction.

* Why not target audiences through secondary audiences. You can target parents through niche’s like Barbecue’s where the average participant is an affluent parent, you can target students through games or shoe groups where your average consumers are affluent students.

**Adapt & Data**

Yahoo. Blockbuster. ToysRUs. These are iconic examples of why you need to adapt. Data driven approaches are a great way to take out the emotion from your decision making and marketing. It’s how I like to do it and I recommend it to anyone.

**Preparation & Luck**

Ultimately, there’s always going to be a degree of luck. No matter how hard you work on your website, someone will always do better with less work by just being lucky. But! You can maximise this. You can be prepared for when opportunity arises. I think some great examples exist in modern culture with the largest streamer in the planet having worked for 7 years straight with good but small success, and then suddenly breaking through and becoming world famous and known by a considerably fraction of the world because he was in the right place in the right time.

**Key words**

Don’t compete with Twitter for the word Tweet. Everyone reading this will know why. Now apply that concept to your own business. I had a crypto business come to me and ask why their site wasnt doing very well, and i looked through it and saw they never mentioned anything beyond bitcoin.
Bitcoin is a very expensive key word to market, with costs of the raw word being as high as 38$ per click. I had to bring them down to earth with harsh truths, and re-engineer their content and targeted vocabulary.

**So what do I do?**

It’s important to remember, firstly, there is no one single answer. No size fits all for marketing.

* Generally speaking, i’ll assess the clients socials and website. Then I’ll build a report, about what to change and where to move forward based on data research and consumer outreach. I could even take over/create the social profiles to further the client interests, should that be appropriate. I can organise branding, copywriting and influencing but these are all broad approaches that will not be relevant to every business.

PM me if interested in my services or with questions: I’m happy to give free advice if you can keep me updated on how well it works.

Some free marketing advice for small business owners

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