Adding a switch to an existing light


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After moving into my new home I realized that the wiring is all over the place. We have a bright motion sensor in the backyard so entertaining is really difficult at night because the light’s always going off and on. We’ve shut it off at the circuit box because there’s no switch, but then it shuts off power to our living room as well.

Is it possible to create a light switch for this motion light? If so, how?

I’d probably reach out to an electrician but just wanted to see if it was even worth it. Thanks in advance.

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One Reply to “Adding a switch to an existing light”

  1. Yes. You can add a switch to thr circuit for just tye portion of the wiring that goes to that light.

    Depending on where you live it may be illegal to do the work without an electrician and/or permit.

    It’s actually pretty simple work, provided that one has the skills and knowledge. Try looking for a handyman. Many are certified for this type of work and will cost less than a full time electrician and probably get the job done sooner.

    Don’t pay for work before it is done.

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