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Business Software

TL;DR at bottom.

Hello friends!

I tried looking for some help about this in r/sysadmin, but didn’t have any luck. Hopefully I might be able to connect with someone here that can point me in the right direction.

I do the bookkeeping and configuration/maintenance of management systems for a few clients. I fell into this line of work, so I don’t have formal training in this area, but as many of you may feel similarly, I don’t look at this as a negative. Sometimes we just fall into a business, and hold on tight.

One of the clients that I work with is a landscape company, and I am close to successfully creating and automated environment for this business to function. This automation that is already up and running includes the CRM, estimating, service scheduling/completion tracking, time tracking, paying employees, creating/sending invoices based of whether a job was set up to be billed hourly or per service.

The automation I have to figure out has to do with the irrigation side of the business, specifically the parts used in the field. The system I have set up doesn’t have support for parts, and it is a real headache to deal with the billing for these parts.

I have scraped all of the data from their suppliers website, and created a workbook with escalated pricing based on the cost of the part. That is to say, if something cost between $0.01-0.30 that part is marked up by 450%, parts that cost between $0.31-1.00 are marked up 380%, parts that cost between $1.01-$2.50 are marked up 360%, and so on. This has created just shy of 1,000 records.

The current business process I set up is that the irrigation tech clocks into an “billed/hour” job, then the tech writes down all of the parts used in the notes section of the app. Once a week I, or someone trained to do so, has to find those parts on the spreadsheet I created, copy the information, and created additional line items on the invoice that was automatically generated for the customer when the tech clocked into a “billed/hour” job.

At a minimum, I would like to be able to store this information in a google sheet, then allow the tech to select the parts used from the list, and thus eliminate the note, and search part of the process. I thought this could be done with forms, but I’m getting stuck on the multiple customers, and multiple visits per day. I’m thinking that it would need to create a new sheet with each visit, and I’m not sure if that is possible. I’ll be the first to admit, I’m not a pro at the Google Suite so if anyone as any insight, directions, or videos on this that would be awesome.

I would be able to create something to handle this so quickly in MS Access, but with cloud computing, and being offsite, I’m not sure which way to turn.

If this is sparking an idea, please please please let me know.

Thanks for all the help guys!

TL;DR looking to automate an inventory system for irrigation repair techs to record the parts they use in the field.

Business Software

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2 Replies to “Business Software”

  1. Are you trying to actually maintain an inventory; ie “I have 4 adapters and sold one and now I have 3”?

    Or do you just need to know that an adapter cost you $1 and you sell it for $4?

  2. Background in IT and DevOps and have produced code to manage/run 10’s of thousands of servers……

    Stop reinventing the wheel. What you want is essentially a POS system. You add inventory (including your cost and what the customer cost is), the “salesperson” (your tech) will add all the items, and then boom, inventory.

    A million systems exist for this out there – don’t go creating some monolith just because you haven’t looked at them. You’re not doing anyone any favors or really saving money, you’re just creating yourself headache.

    POS system. Go research it. Decent ones will include inventory systems, can even do time clocking so you bill labor and the like to jobs..

    >I would be able to create something to handle this so quickly in MS Access, but with cloud computing, and being offsite, I’m not sure which way to turn.

    Jesus fucking no.

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