Laundromat Owners and Investors — I need your input!


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Laundromat Owners and Investors — I need your input!

I’m working on a project for a major commercial laundry manufacturer and want to know your opinion when it comes to replacing machines in your laundromat.

What are some of the things you look for from a company when you decide to replace equipment?

* Financing options?
* Tools that show you potential savings by replacing?
* Extensive product features + capabilities?
* Low-cost/cheapest option

More importantly, **what tools are missing that would help you decide if a brand was the right one to replace with? What do you need to see to convince you you’re making a good decision?**

Laundromat Owners and Investors — I need your input!

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2 Replies to “Laundromat Owners and Investors — I need your input!”

  1. Hey Dude,

    I own a laundromat and am currently replacing three (3) big front load washers.

    To quickly answer your questions:

    1. Every “vendor” you talk to has financing options and from my experience, they don’t vary too much in regards to interests and terms. They can also get you financing straight from the manufacturer, like in my case, so that is something you have to ask each individual one.
    2. If you are replacing decades-old machines, any new machine you purchase will be saving in water & power consumption. The best way to see the difference is to look at your current usage and divide it by the machines you have to find the usage for the machines or simply look up the models you have, there might be manufactur information on water/energy consumptions for those models online. Alternatively, you can call the original manufacturer and ask for the specs, that is what I did for my huebsch dryers.
    3. The features are more for future planning. I am currently getting some speed queens that will have the ability to be upgraded to take other forms of payment when I start moving the operations to app-based pay alongside quarters, but for now, a basic coin-op machine set-up is all I need, but having the ability to simply upgrade computer part versus the whole machine in the future is a plus.
    4. I understand the sentiment to go with a lower/cheaper option, but the public will not give a shit about that and overfill them anyways, so don’t be afraid to spend a little extra on something that can take a beating and will last. After all, you want to make a good $10k investment on a machine, not $8k with an extra $3k in repairs down the road, if you are really looking to save the money in both short and long term.
    5. So I applied to 3 different vendors, narrowed it down to two, then choose the final. What sold me was Installation, warranties (For machines, parts, and labor install if installed through the vendor,) and of course the final price. What really sold me was the company also offered complimentary workshops that show me how to completely take apart my machines fix em and put them back together. this will allow me to work on my own machines and avoid hiring a mechanic or paying for one from out of town to come fix my stuff, especially if it’s a small issue. Not only that, the sales people also owned laundromats themselves, so they are more understanding since they are also in the business. They are also good to run ideas by to see if they have been tried before and how it worked out for them or whatever.

    At the end of the day, if you are going to set-up a long term relationship with a company, make sure you are comfortable, they are honest, and that they are willing to stand behind their product and labor through warranties. I tried not to make this too long so I hope this helps, If you want to pick my brain more just let me know.


  2. Does your username give away the manufacturer? My ‘TD35’ machines aren’t bad. I’ll echo the guy above, I want it super easy to add more payment types even though they are coin now. I want to get built in analytics to see about issues. If my dryer is being reported as cold I want to look at a graph and see the historical data and prove it was heating up or not.

    Non-jamming coin drops. Dang it, doesn’t matter who makes them currently they jam and jam frequently especially in Canada with Loonies. Some long drops might help, I don’t know.

    Reliability, same as above. Let me spend more now to cost me less later. I don’t want to fix machines, I need them running.

    Stop changing your bolt patterns for hard mounts. If you keep them the same I can upgrade easier than pulling machines and bases then replacing them all in new holes.

    Financing isn’t high on my list, in Canada manufacturer financing is a pain. I understand you have a larger market south of the border.

    Parts in Canada are expensive as f*ck.

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