9 Replies to “Moving out of my apartment soon and haven’t ever cleaned these (3 years). What’s the easiest way to make them silver again?”

  1. You can get some new ones at a dollar store super cheap, or 10 bucks from amazon. Will probably nd up being cheaper than oven cleaner to clean them.

  2. Agree with the toss people. Definitely not worth any effort on your part. Plus the steel wool will leave scratches.

  3. Bar keepers friend – found at Home Depot or Lowe’s for $4. Let em sit in the sink covering every inch with BKF, and then wipe off in 30. Easy peasy.

  4. Spray oven cleaner on them, put in plastic grocery bag overnight. Wipe them down next day. This should get most of grime off.

  5. Go to any dollar or grocery store. If you are bound to scrub then get degreaser and a green scrubby and put in some elbow grease.

  6. Steel wool and degreaser. Soak them first and then throw on some gloves so you don’t mess up your hands and scrub them with steel wool. The degreaser strips away oils from your hands and is super rough on skin!

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