Got COVID in June and customers are not returning. Advice? How to cope?


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Got COVID in June and customers are not returning. Advice? How to cope?

Hey guys! This is my first post here, but I regularly peruse this subreddit (the PPP posts have been super helpful, thank you!).

I own a salon and, unfortunately, somehow caught COVID from one of my clients back in early June. At the time that I serviced them, they did not know that they had COVID and assumed that their symptoms were just allergies. It turns out that they were actually positive and that the symptoms were related to COVID.

I take this pandemic very seriously and employed as many safety measures as I could to protect everyone in the salon. This includes mandating masks for clients and staff (I make sure that they are properly worn, too), ask employees to wear plastic face shields if they can tolerate it, require clients to wash hands upon entering the salon, installed plastic partitions at every manicure and pedicure station, make sure clients are 6ft apart, take temperature, posted screening questions on the front door for clients to read before entering, lots of disinfecting, and the list goes on. I am so angry because I felt like I did everything right but still somehow got the virus.

I shut down the salon for 14 days so everyone could mentally recover and to allow everyone to quarantine. The salon had only been open for 2 weeks before we had to temporarily close. Word got out in the community that I got COVID, and I learn that some clients are mad at me (??). After reopening the salon, business has been so terrible. We were doing incredibly well during those 2 weeks before closure, and it is so disheartening to see significantly fewer people walking through the door. I expected business to reduce given the pandemic, but I can’t help but feel that me getting COVID exacerbated the situation. I’m afraid this has damaged my reputation and they’ve gone to the other salons in the area.

Is there anything I can do to increase traffic? Is anyone else going through the same thing? I feel so helpless and so angry that this happened early in the reopening stages.

Got COVID in June and customers are not returning. Advice? How to cope?

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2 Replies to “Got COVID in June and customers are not returning. Advice? How to cope?”

  1. That’s really rough! I am sorry that happened to you and glad you’re recovered. Hopefully the rest of your team didn’t get infected? All those protective measures presumably helped keep them safe?

    These are worrisome times and people are reacting viscerally … the fact that someone at your business contracted Covid scares the crap out of them.

    I don’t know if it will bring the clients back, but you need to act almost as if you are a new business, hungry for customers. If you have email addresses for your existing customers, reach out via email, telling them all the additional steps you’ve put in place to ensure no one (clients or staff) gets sick. Offer discounts, 2-for-1 offers, pay-now-use-later certificates, whatever you can do to bring in the cash. Grab testimonials where you can, if any clients *are* visiting, showcasing that they feel safe in your hands. Maybe try running ads on FB and Google to attract a new clientele.

    One of my clients wanted to proactively let website visitors know how the business has been working hard to keep staff and clients safe: I wound up creating a small chatbot for them that will pop up after a few seconds of landing on their page … I’m happy to run up one for you as well, if you need.

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